Christmas comes but once a year…

I’m sure like me you struggle to remember what day of the week it is at this time of year. All the days kind of blur into one giant stream of food, drink, Netflix, books, food, drink, Netflix… get the picture. We are now at that stage – Boxing Day morning – when we are surrounded by opened presents, and all the little gifts from our Christmas morning stockings piled up in little heaps of chocolate and other things. The fridge is full of all sorts of leftovers (even though we buy a small ham, it still seems to multiply….), the chilly bin has a few left over beers and cakes and biscuits before to be eaten with the endless cups of tea being made.

Janssons Frestele, snaps, herring, coleslaw
More of the feast

On Christmas Eve we ate our usual feast of herrings of different varieties, smoked salmon, bread, Janssons Frestelse, meatballs, sausages, ham. There was cheese, two cakes, a big bowl of strawberries.

Cakes, strawberries, cheese
Strawberries, cheese, cakes and chocolate
Daim and Plopp chocolates
Daim and Plopp from Sweden

Christmas Day was spent at friends, eating (ham, salmon, potato salad, mince pies…) and watching movies (The Day of the Jackal from 1973 which was excellent and the recent remake of Murder on the Orient Express which was awful).

Today is recovery day, with mugs of mint tea, old episodes of Gilmore Girls, reading and going to the cinema this afternoon, a Boxing Day tradition. This year we are off to see The Favourite.

Christmas time
Reading time

How did you celebrate? What did you eat? Have you got lots of ham to finish up?

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  1. Christmas day didn’t quite go to plan. We opened presents but then nibbled on lots of bread, cheese, salami, pate and pickles and then headed out for chicken coop duty to give them a treat and do my roast didn’t get cooked. Having it tomorrow, sprouts, the works. We haven’t got a proper kitchen so that’s my excuse this year. Next year it will be full on baking with the Christmas pudding being made in summer with sherry top up every month till Christmas. It will be quite explosive by then!


  2. I’m not a ham fan at all, years of my parents having it when I was growing up put me off. We had a pork roast with veges and gravy, scallops wrapped in bacon, pavlova, fruit sponge and chocolate log – typical kiwi food.


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