Six on Saturday

It is the longest day here, the summer solstice, and time for Six on Saturday.  Thanks once again to The Propagator for allowing us to share what is going on in our gardens.

I will admit this is not in my garden, but I have been watching progress on the brambles poking their heads through the fence on the steps down from our house. The first berries have appeared, and it looks like more to come, though some are at ground level and probably best left to the local wildlife.

First berries
More to come…though these ones are at ground level.
And more…taken at 7am Friday morning

No words necessary…what our yard looks like at the moment….the steps are slowly being covered.

This week…

It is agapanthus season. We have so far escaped having one in our actual garden, but this year we have one just about to bloom. This plant is a weed in many parts of New Zealand, and the Botanic Gardens (along with other institutions) are doing a trail just now to try to find a sterile form for domestic use. The results are due to be published sometime next year.

Agapanthus season (or is it a triffid?)

Today has been another lovely sunny day, with blue skies. I have been too busy indoors though with overdue chores to either potter about outside or enjoy the sunshine for long.

One of the giant ferns and summer skies

The herbs are all doing well at the moment. I seem to have three basil plants thriving (fingers crossed!), the tarragon is looking a bit more perky, and I bought another mint plant. All set for summer cooking!


And…another picture of Charlie, inspecting the plants and enjoying the sunshine.

Charlie checking on the plants

The hydrangeas at the top are…next to the bus stop!

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  1. Love the fern against the blue sky. Seems odd to think of agapanthus as a weed. It’s taken me years to finally encourage one to flower in the garden!

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  2. I used to love seeing all the agapanthuses flowering along the motorway…it’s sad to think they are a pest.


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