This week’s small pleasures #118

This week’s small pleasures comes to you as Christmas approaches at an ever increasing speed.  Anyway, first up is the produce that becomes plentiful at this time of year.  Courgettes, aubergines, tomatoes, stone fruit, berries…all in abundance to be enjoyed.  Seasonally produced, Martinborough based The Drunken Nanny’s goat cheese is perfect on breakfast toast, and Over the Moon’s award winning black truffle brie is a special treat on oatcakes with a glass of wine.

Aubergine, courgettes, goat cheese
Good things

I’ve mentioned the Glenmore Meadow in the Botanic Gardens before, and I have to say, it is really beginning to take shape.  The seeds were sown in September, and now things are established, there is an abundance of wild flowers, with little paths in between.  It is interesting to see far more people walk through this patch of grass now than before, or at least so it seems to me. 

The meadow, the road is behind the fence on the left
Wild flowers
Wild flowers

Luckily, we have had good weather all weekend, and we were able to sit outside and enjoy the sun.  Charlie did as well.

Charlie Black Cat
Charlie in the sun

Fourteen years ago I moved to Denmark from Scotland, and thought I lost on the way a number of miniature items ranging from pewter dishes to a tiny Dalarna horse. Guess what?  I found them today at the bottom of a trunk full of tablecloths, table runners and napkins.  How did I ever miss them?  Of course, am absolutely delighted.

Lost and found – a few of the items I found – the playing cards were made by a friend, the photo is my grandfather, the mini clogs belonged to my mother.

Back to flowers, saw these bramble flowers and potential fruit peeping through the fence walking home.  They are just so beautiful.

Flowers brambles
A real small pleasure to see

And finally, the view from the window flying up to Hamilton again this morning….

Mount Ruapehu
Mount Ruapehu rising above the clouds

Thanks to Mani over at A New Life Wandering for the original idea.

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