Six on Saturday

Since last Saturday I have worn shorts, ankle boots and a coat in the rain, and now am back in shorts again.  To say the weather is unpredictable at the moment is putting it mildly.  I read during the week that the sea temperature around New Zealand is 2C warmer than average for this time of the year, which is a worrying thought, with its strong indication of global warming and whatever that may bring. But let’s turn our minds to gardens, and have a look at what has been happening. Thanks once again to The Propagator for starting this weekly event. 

First up, those violas have spread to form a floral carpet in an area that needs a floral carpet if that makes sense.  The soil is pretty poor, and the ground hard, so these make a welcome ‘filler’.

More violas

Second up, more Peruvian lilies, slightly bashed by the rain, but raising their gold heads nonetheless.

Peruvian lilies

Number three: our Charlie has discovered the catnip, which has obvious teeth like holes in some of the leaves, and is starting to look a little worse for wear. It is kind of tucked away, so I might bring it out and see how long it lasts the onslaught.

Charlie and catnip

At number four, taking a slightly different route home, I spotted these, on the edge of someone’s garden, but clearly a bit forgotten.  The roses were stunning, and only two minutes from our house, so must go and take another look.

More lilies
Stunning wild roses

At number five, the lemon thyme is flowering, there are some flowers on the sage (which is looking as if it needs a bit of TLC), and the marjoram and Vietnamese mint are doing tremendously well.  My mint, however, is looking very sad, as does my parsley and curry plant, which I don’t think has liked all the rain.  I have kept the purple basil indoors in a sunny window, and it is doing well, so fingers crossed it continues to thrive.

Lemon thyme flowers

And finally…I had time to sit outside, read and sip some water with freshly picked lemon balm.

Saturday afternoon

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  1. My Vietnamese mint has taken off as well – probably because we’re on similar latitudes and have had up and down rain and heat! The last two days have been tropical! Can i ask what you take your glorious pics with and how you make them appear large on your blog?


  2. Envy your sunny sitting out. We have sun, but strong winds & cold temps, so it’s inside the house w/me. Love seeing how the Peruvians are shaping up. You warned us they’d be spectacular & they’re moving in that direction.


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