This week’s eats #3

So here we are with the third in the occasional series This week’s eats. First up, some olive oil brought back from our trip to Waiheke Island last week.  Coming from the Rangihoura Estate, it has a peppery taste, and I can imagine it with sweeter vegetables like carrots and parsnips.  Sitting next to it is a herb paste, made from a blend of different herbs.  It is a really nice spread for good bread or crackers.

Olive oil and herb spread from Waiheke Island

Second up is this sheep milk yoghurt from Thorvald which I tried for the first time.  It was on the more sour end of the scale of yoghurt but still nice.

Sheep milk yoghurt

It is great to see the new season’s goat cheeses back in store, so I picked up both the plain and dill cheeses from The Drunken Nanny.

Hoorah!  New season goat cheese

It is now asparagus season here, so time to make the most of this short season.  Tomatoes are also more plentiful and dropping in price, bit by bit.

Another hoorah!  Asparagus
Varieties of love apples

A potato dish

The Jerusalem artichoke season is over here, so I ended up making Ottolenghi’s roast potato dish without them.  In other words, I made roast potatoes with lemon and sage.

Roast potatoes with lemon and sage, but no Jerusalem artichokes, and obviously more than three potatoes for the two of us!
The recipe

The recipe can be found in Yotam Ottolenghi’s book The Cookbook (the original 2008 edition).

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  1. Nothing like a good olive oil, and that green peppery flavour is just delicious and denotes a fine extra virgin oil. The property we had before our present one was an olive farm with 500 trees and sitting on our front verandah after a hard day of picking, tasting the oil (dipped in bread) from our first harvest is a memory I cherish!


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