Six on Saturday

I wish I could remember where I first read about The Propagator’s weekly garden blogging challenge Six on Saturday, but I’ve been meaning to have a go for a while. The task is to show six things from your garden as it is at the moment.  We have more of a terrace surrounded by bush rather than a lush lawn and beautiful flower beds, but we still grow things.

1  Oregano

This plant began life as a supermarket tub, I planted it out, and it blossomed.  It is great to have it outside the kitchen window.


2  Lavender

I love the smell of lavender, and it is great to see our plant blooming again this spring.


3  Mint

It is always useful to have fresh mint around.  Add it to your glass of water, stir through some yoghurt and cucumber for a dip, or just smell the leaves.


4  New Herbs

Today I picked up some thyme, sage and tarragon, which I need to plant out while the good weather holds.

Thyme, sage and tarragon

5 Parsley

This was also a supermarket plant, and seems to be doing just fine on our terrace.


6  The trees around the house

Not sure if you can see the kowhai clearly – it is at the back with yellow flowers – a true sign of New Zealand spring.

Spring Saturday

The featured image is of Charlie the cat, sniffing some plants, before heading off for an adventure, or to visit his student friends.

Check out Doing the Plan’s Six on Saturday and of course The Propagator’s last post.

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  1. Hello from Australia and welcome to Six on Saturday. From your top photo, I guess you live in the lovely city of Wellington, place of my birth. Kowhai- such a beautiful tree. I tried growing it here, but no luck. I love your black cat too.

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  2. I was wondering why your were planting new herbs outside, didn’t even notice some were blooming & then you mentioned New Zealand, so I got myself oriented. Like yourself, nearly all my herbs start as pots from the grocery store & seem to do well. That lavender is smashing. As is the cat! Welcome to SoS! Hope to see you again.


  3. I like that idea of six on Saturday. Of Course, we are in fall here in Northern California and it is beautiful. I can winter over oregano ,thyme, but basil dies back as does parsley. We have pretty roses still blooming and I just bought some fall chrysanthemums.

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