Beervana 2018

August in Wellington sees the final days of the New Zealand International Film Festival, the start of Wellington on a Plate and of course, Beervana, the annual craft beer festival held in Westpac Stadium.  There is so much going on (Footnote and the Royal New Zealand Ballet are both performing next weekend), it is hard to keep track!  Anyway, this weekend saw us head to Beervana on Saturday afternoon, for some tasting of all sorts of different beers.

Local brewery Garage Project in the distance- always queues
Mountain Goat, Melbourne based brewery
Behemoth, Auckland 
Lagunitas from California – enjoyed Sumpin Easy, a whitish ale
Karl on the right trying to decide at Tuatara 

One of the more unusual beers I tried was the mushroom and truffle ale.  It was actually really nice, just something a bit different.  One of the friends we were with tried the spiced pumpkin ale, which tasted like the perfect thing for a cosy winter night.

Mushroom and truffle….

We ate chicken burgers to keep us going, as we walked around the over 50 breweries represented this year.  I missed the oysters…well, another time.

MacTalla…a wee heavy…memories of Scotland
Music with beer


Mata Chai Time – milk stout with chai spices including cardamom, cinnamon and nutmeg.
And that was Beervana 2018

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