Singapore Zoo

One place you shouldn’t miss should you visit Singapore are the Wildlife Reserves.  There are currently four distinct areas, Jurong Bird Park, Night Safari, River Safari and Singapore Zoo.  You can visit all four, or just one or two.  On this trip, we went to the zoo and the River Safari, though I hear great things about the Night Safari.

It rained quite a bit when we were there, but it didn’t stop us enjoying ourselves or seeing lots of creatures.

A beautiful white tiger
One of many types of turtle we saw

At one point, it was raining so heavily we stopped under cover and stood and watched the hamadryas baboons.  It was such fun to watch them eat, play, chase each other and shake the rain off, and certainly entertained us while we waited for the rain to ease off.

Look closely…there are baboons

There was a really interesting mix of creatures, with several species of turtles and lizards. I loved this scene of a lizard upon a rock with a turtle hiding underneath.


After lunch, we headed to the River Safari, with the ultimate aim of seeing giant pandas.  To this end, we were not disappointed, as can be seen from the ultimate in cute pictures headlining this blog post.  We also spotted a red panda on the way, though he was more interested in a wash than having his photograph taken.

Red panda, washing

The River Safari takes you through various parts of the world with wildlife that live by, or in, water, and ends with a wonderful area with manatees.

Sleepy squirrel monkeys

This is only a taster of what you can see.  We spent a whole day here, and still didn’t see everything.  It was well worth the visit.

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