The taste test: vegan blue cheese

A cold in summer is one of the worst things.  You are all snuffly, headache-y and generally miserable, but you can’t wrap yourself up in blankets and drink hot tea.  You can of course still drink tea, binge on Netflix and eat lunch at home.

And so to lunch, which was a good mix of leftovers from the fridge – pasta, spinach leaves and cherry tomatoes, along with four little leftover potatoes. Into that, I stirred this blue style vegan cheese from Sheese.  I have to say that this did very well in the taste test, almost tasting exactly like a mild blue cheese.  It doesn’t look like blue cheese, but it the flavour is very close to the real thing.

Not blue, but tasty

The label says it is ‘melty’.  It could have been a bit more melty, though perhaps next time I would try melting it in while the heat was still on. As always, I checked the ingredients, noting that this is a coconut oil based product.

Check the ingredients…

I also test tasted it with some fig chutney, which made an excellent combination, and would be great on oatcakes or crackers.

Vegan blue cheese and spicy fig chutney

Taste test verdict: 4/5.

New dish above from Tony Sly Pottery, bought from Emporos in Greytown on Sunday.

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