This week’s small pleasures #83

Here we are again with a look back on this week’s small pleasures.  There were some despite having a cold…

Tomatoes (again)

Yes, I love tomatoes, and am obsessed with trying different ones, so could not resist picking up another little pile of heirloom tomatoes, as pictured above and below.

Heirloom tomatoes

A beautiful sunset

Sunset, Thursday

Breakfast (again)

To be honest, not a lot has happened this week.  Tuesday was a holiday of course for Waitangi Day, Thursday I was off work and then it was the weekend again.  Sunday breakfast was this sour dough bread and some chia seed jam I made quickly yesterday to use up some stone fruit. The humid weather is making things ripen and go rotten too quickly, so this at least meant the fruit was used.  There is no need to add sugar as the fruit is sweet enough, but you do have to keep it in the fridge and eat it pretty quickly. I added a pinch of cardamom to my fruit as it was cooking.

Note: the plastic box in the top right hand corner has vegan date scones in it.  Post coming up on that and other vegan baking.

Sunday breakfast
Peach, greengage and chia seed jam

A new café

Just for a change, I popped into Le Samourai, a new(ish) café on Tory Street here in Wellington.  It opened in December, and as well as breakfasts and lots of good looking cabinet treats, they are licensed and serve wine and interesting looking nibbles (think salamis and good cheese) in the evening.  The tea was only $3, as I guess it is a place for coffee drinkers!

You can check them out over on Instagram @LeSamouraiwgtn

Tea time

Thanks to Mani over at A New Life Wandering for the original idea.

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