January favourites: watching, listening, reading

Here we are at the end of January already.  Where has the month gone?  We are enjoying really good summer weather, with warm days and sunshine.  January has been a good month – no doubt holidays and good weather have played a part in lifting the mood.  Anyway here are a few favourites from this month.


It’s been great to see the return of the French police drama Spiral (Engrenages) over on BBC.  If you haven’t seen any of them, start with series 1, as you really need to get to know the characters and what comes before the current series.  It is such a great series!

We’ve also been watching Aber Bergen, a Norwegian drama series about a law firm in Bergen, the cases and the interplay between the characters, which include a divorced couple.  It’s a typical law firm drama in many ways, but set in Bergen.

On the lighter side, that perennial favourite, QI is back, and we have also caught the British news satire programme Mash Report.  Catch how not to sexually harrass someone from the programme here.  Finally, we’ve been watching the British TV series, People Just Do Nothing, about a pirate radio station in London, Korupt FM.  I watched the entire series 5 of Episodes flying to and from Sydney, which passed the time nicely.

That time of year


It’s been a great month for podcasts.   There was a great episode on The Food Chain about wine, and how, thanks to global warning, the sugar levels, and so alcohol levels, of wine have increased.  You can catch it here if you are interested.  I’m still loving 99% Invisible (is this my favourite podcast?), and The Moth.

Music?  I need to update my play lists…..not that I listen to that much as I love the spoken voice, but I enjoyed listening to Ásgeir’s album In the Silence again the other week.  I’m always interested in new podcasts, so please pass on recommendation.




A mix of summer reading, old classics, long form articles and magazine browsing has been the reading this month.  I’ll Eat When I’m Dead by Barbara Bourland (detective novel set in the world of an exclusive fashion magazine) and The Muse by Jessie Burton (author of the popular The Miniaturist) made good hot day reading, when you need an engaging story rather than something to think about.  M.F.K. Fisher‘s The Gastronomical Me is great fun. It’s a food memoir (is there such a thing?) and a great entry to her wonderful writing.  The old classic was Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar. She was such a good writer, one can see why it remains a favourite to this day.

As always, reading suggestions welcome.

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