November’s favourites: watching, listening, reading

Phew!  Here we almost at the end of November already, and almost at the end of 2017.  I am writing this post on a glorious, sunny Tuesday evening, having walked home via the Lady Norwood Rose Garden, bought some seasonal cherries and now enjoying the tranquility of being home.  Anyway, here we are with a quick round of this month’s favourites, a couple of days early as Blogmas approaches!

Snack time

We binged watched both the first and second series of Victoria. Beautiful to look at, historically not always accurate, added stories of ‘downstairs’, it is a series that, let’s face it, will have a lot more to come.  I would say don’t watch series 1 and series 2 together – take a little break between, but do catch the series as a decent historical drama.

As a contrast to this, we also watched the Irish/Canadian drama Acceptable Risk.  A man is murdered, and his wife realises she knows nothing about him, and begins to try to find out who he was and what he did, working for a big global organisation.  It was a good story, and nice to see a series set in Dublin for a change.

Of course we are still loving that gentle comedy, Detectorists.  Do watch it if you can – there is something quite special about the characters and the story lines. It is written by, and stars, Mackenzie Crook.

On Sunday afternoon, I watched Six Degrees of Separation, the film from 1993.  It’s worth seeing, though you can really feel it was a stage play originally somehow.  You can follow the link above to the plot line on IMDb, but it makes more sense to see it.


This month’s podcasts include the mustards, How I Built This with Guy Raz, (always interesting) the final parts of The Digital Human and a great interview with Armando Iannucci on Political Thinking with Nick Robinson.  And The Archers of course!

I seem to here Simon and Garfunkel’s Mrs Robinson everywhere I go these days for some reason.


Bit of a mixed month from Joan Didion’s essays (she is a real writer’s writer!), to a detective/thriller with an interesting twist (Joseph Knox’s Sirens) to the mostly entertaining How to be Idle by Tom Hodgkinson, a sort of down-sizing/how to enjoy life away from the corporate or office world.  It was a bit of an odd book, at times funny, at times an historical account.

Quite enjoyable and a good story

I have also spent some time browsing cook books, seeking inspiration away from the usual daily fare, and planning dinners.  As I write, I’m still reading The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry, which is a bit slow going at the moment.

Seeking inspiration

So that’s it for November so far….coming up next…more on the glorious weather we are having no doubt!

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