This week’s small pleasures #76

So here we are again for a round up of some of the little things that brought pleasure this week.  It was a week of good weather and of precious seconds of joy and harmony during busy days.

Early morning stroll

I met these two one morning walking to work.  They seemed to know exactly where they were off to…the duck pond.

Out walking

What I ate…or thought about eating

Tuesday night saw us grab a late dinner at our favourite local Italian, Cosa Nostra, where I enjoyed the gnocchi and really fresh pesto, and Karl a pasta and chicken dish.  Thursday was our usual pizza night at Heaven on Cuba Street, and part of our early Saturday dinner was a potato salad, made with mint instead of dill as I usually do. We are still enjoying asparagus, raspberries and blueberries are popping up and I had an excellent sandwich for lunch on Friday made with these lent sage deli slices from Field Roast, who never disappoint.,

Part of this week’s basket
A potato salad


I love my Saturday morning routine of a slow breakfast, tea at Ekor Book Cafe, Pilates and grocery shopping, as regular readers know.  It is a real moment of regrowth after 5 days slog at work.

Perfection for breakfast

New Zealand School of Dance

The New Zealand School of Dance are celebrating their 50th year, and on Saturday I went to see this year’s Graduation Season.  This year the performance was at the St James Theatre, giving the students a real chance to shine.  As usual, the programme was a mix of pieces, and designed to show off both the classical and contemporary students.  My personal favourite of the evening was Sir Kenneth MacMillan’s Concerto Pas de Deux, though I also enjoyed seeing a piece made especially for the contemporary students in 2015, Forgotten Things, which looked stunning this time round on a the big stage.

NZSD 50th anniversary season

This year, there were also two pieces performed by dancers from the Royal New Zealand Ballet, the wedding pas de deus from Don Quixote, and the brilliant William Forsythe piece, In The Middle Somewhat Elevated. All in all, a great evening, and a chance to see the dancers of the future.

The programme

A massage on Sunday…

I don’t really think any more words are needed!

Thanks to Mani at A New Life Wandering for the original idea. What have been your small pleasures this week?

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