Spring sneezes

I was at Pilates this evening, stretching out my stressed and tight limbs, when I realised I had that scratchy feeling in my throat that says ‘you are getting a cold’.  The last thing I need right now is to feel under the weather, so I stopped off and picked up some echinacea on the way home and tucked into an orange after dinner.  Fingers crossed I can fight it off.

It also got me thinking about that classic and just a bit cliched blog post for life-style bloggers on ‘self-care’ whatever that may be.  It usually involves tea, bubble baths and colouring in, and certainly those are important stress relievers – but what else is there?  We all decided in my Pilates group tonight that nothing beats fresh air. A stroll to a local park, or for us in Wellington, along the water front, soon wipes out nonsense from out brains.  Enjoy nature, go window shopping, use the time to clear the brain.

Enjoy nature

For me, things with good smells always helps. A favourite perfume that suits the mood (today it was Jo Malone Mimosa and Cardamom) works, or try a new soap or body lotion.  Or pick up your favourite herb, be it basil or dill.

A scent that reminds me of childhood from David Jones

Naturally, good food always helps.  Whether it is gnocchi and pesto, a bowl of goodness or, let’s face it, just good old beans on toast, pick something that you know will lift the mood.

Buckwheat, lentils, carrots, cavolo nero, sun dried tomatoes, vegan cheese, sweet corn bowl

Pick up a good book, a blanket for the sofa, go on to YouTube and listen to the soothing tones of  Justine Leconte or smile with The Mustards.  Get into bed early, perhaps with a camomile tea.  And if you do feel a cold coming on, don’t forget large doses of echinacea.

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