When life gives you lemons #2

Way back in September 2015, I wrote a post When life gives you lemons…make a cake, and   as I said then, that expression – when life gives you lemons – is a stinker.  First of all, lemons are a wonderful fruit, and I would be delighted if someone gave me a large bag full. Second, why make lemonade, when there are so many more delightful things you can do with lemons?

Admittedly, life recently seems to have thrown a lot of sour stuff at me recently, and I have been finding it really important to think of all the good things of 2017 so far – travel to Canada, Fiji and Australia, eating out at some great places, keeping up Pilates, reading good books, going to see some great dance and films, and watching former students getting on well and fulfilling their dreams.  But I haven’t done so many of the things I had planned to do this year, and can hardly look at my goals for 2017.  Well, there are a few weeks left…..

One thing I had planned to do was pickle making and have a go at fermenting.  Well, that has come to nothing other than a few things (including my annual feijoa and apple chutney), so this Saturday, with lots of lemons in the house, I made some preserved lemons, which is so ridiculously easy, that you really don’t need to buy them.  All you need is lemons and salt.  I used ordinary, not Meyer, lemons since that is all I could buy.

Preserved lemons, 7 October
Recipe, with splashes and ink mark, from Kirsten Day In a Pickle 

I look forward to trying them, and will let you know how they work out.  Better go and give them a good shake!

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  1. Hi,
    I thought this was funny. When life gives you lemons is a bad expression but in your case it’s about cooking.

    I met you at Suzie’s blog party. Maybe you can check out my blog if you need any blogging tips. That’s when I write about. I also have blog parties like Suzie. I am actually having one this weekend and would love for you to come.


  2. I really love the flavor of lemon, and try to work it into cooking whenever possible. I tried preserved lemon potato salad a few months back and loved it! Great recipe for preserving lemons and easier than the one I have now, I may have to give this one a try! Thanks for sharing 🙂


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