This week’s small pleasures #69

So, here we are, at the end of another week, and a time to reflect on those little things that brightened up the week.

Some sunshine!

It is definitely getting warmer, but so nice to see sun instead of rain this week.  Spring showed its face at last.

Flying over Wellington
Flying into Hamilton

Good food

I had dinner at Madam Woo’s in Hamilton this week.  Good food, good service and another good place to eat in The Tron! I can highly recommend the Kum Heong style soft shell crab.

Madam Woo, Hamilton

World of Wearable Art

I wrote about this in my last post, but need to mention it again.  If you ever come to Wellington, plan to come when it is on and grab a ticket.

World of Wearable Art programme

Carving out time to read

Flying and having a bit of time at an airport = reading time.

Reading time

This week’s chocolate

I always say I am not a chocolate lover, but you know what? I kind of am…but only good chocolate.  Yes folks, I am a chocolate snob.   This week’s treat was Honest Chocolat’s Pistachio and Lemon, with bits of lemon peel and pistachios. It was really quite lovely.  I now want to try their salted caramel and buckwheat.


This week’s shopping

Any good ideas on what to do with tempeh greatly appreciated!  Do I have to boil it first?  Should I bake it in the oven? And so good to see both asparagus and strawberries – the warmer weather is well and truly on its way.  I also could not resist the cavolo negro and the gorgeous looking aubergine (or eggplant if you prefer), and of course, lemons.  The beer is Garage Project’s Fugazi, a low alcohol (2%) beer, because sometimes that is just what is needed.

Some of this week’s shopping basket

What have been your small pleasures this week?  Would love to hear!

Thanks to Mani over at A New Life Wandering for the original idea.

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