This week’s small pleasures #54

The news this week has been full of one awful thing after another, with stories like the fire in London being hard to ignore.  Friends and acquaintances seem to be too busy to enjoy life, living for holidays and the weekends.  I often feel like that these days too myself, and am hoping that my upcoming holiday will recharge my batteries, and set me on a pathway to a more balanced life.  Let’s see!  Anyway, it is all the more important, that in these times, we recall and enjoy the small pleasures in life.

The weather

Yes, it has been cold, but we have had sunshine and some amazing sunsets.  The featured image is of our terrace today.   Everything always looks better in the sunshine.

A sunset this week


Now I know I bang on about Pilates all the time, but honestly, it is the exercise I enjoy the most and get the most from.  In my Thursday class, I use equipment like the reformer and the cadillac, and on Saturdays I go to a mat class, taught by the incredible Cat Eddy, She is featured in Wellington’s local magazine Woman this month and you can follow her on Instagram @the_cat_eddy.

Pre Pilates Indian spiced chai at Ekor Cafe and Bookshop

Fitting in an exhibition

Check out my last post on things to do in your lunch break.  It is such a good idea to wander around an exhibition to switch off – I should do it more often.

Exhibition time

Bagels for breakfast

Best Ugly poppyseed bagels with cream cheese and smoked salmon – what’s not to like?

A bagel

Thanks to Mani over at A New Life Wandering for the original idea.

Check out some other small pleasures over at Tiny Pleasures and Middle Europe.

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