Six things to do in your lunch break

If, like me, you work in an office in town, you probably long for the lunch break to get out of the stuffy atmosphere inside and breathe in some fresh air.  Except of course sometimes it is raining, sometimes it is really cold, sometimes you have had a horrible morning and just want to go shopping.  If, like me, you have been finding a little too much shopping is going on, then it is time to think of other things to do in the longed for break, apart from, of course, eat.

1 Do some exercise

This could be a walk, and if you are lucky like me to have somewhere nice to go, like the Wellington waterfront, it helps.  It has been crisp, dry and cold this week, so fine for a lunch time walk.  Others might prefer yoga or Pilates, some go to the gym or go swimming outdoors (summer time only).  I have been to a few lunchtime Xtend Barre classes, but find quite often I book a session only to have to cancel because of a meeting.

Lunch time walk by the waterfront in winter

2 Go to an exhibition

This is a great thing to do on a cold or wet day.  Looking at art or artefacts in a museum takes your mind away from the computer and work life.  This week I went to the The New Zealand Portrait Gallery, and saw the current exhibition of pop-art style portraits by  Wayne Yule.  The faces belong to New Zealand art-world personalities include musicians, poets, writers and visual artists.  Here are three I liked.

Poul Gnatt, founder of The Royal New Zealand Ballet
Richard O’Brien, writer of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, who lives in Tauranga
Ngaio Marsh, one of my favourite detective fiction writers

3 Go to a cafe

If you always eat a lunch of leftovers like I do, pop to a local cafe instead one day.  I haven’t done that for ages, but really should as it is also a really good way to switch off.  You only need grab a toasted sandwich if you like.  Take a book and really forget that report sitting waiting to be finished.

4 Find a park bench…

…to sit on and eat your lunch, read, contemplate, listen to a podcast…

Sit and watch the world go by

5 Do errands

Go to the bank, go to the post office, stop putting off those little chores. Phone the vet, take or pick up dry cleaning…..and feel good that you have accomplished things from your to do list.

6 If all else fails…

…just go shopping. But just for birthday presents or essentials…and what you regard as essential is really for you to decide 🙂

PS – the avocado and tomato on toast was actually a lunch I had at home one time, but there is no reason why you couldn’t have that for lunch at any time.

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  1. I can relate ! It’s definitely important to get out and do something on your lunch break rather than just sit in the office and waste such precious time.


  2. I like to take some street photos :d or shopping window,
    Try some clothes just because 😀
    or Try the creams and lotions all this stuff 🙂


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