This week’s small pleasures: episode 19

It’s time again for the weekly round up of this week’s small pleasures, those little things that brighten up our days.  Thanks again to A New Life Wandering for starting this (see her latest small pleasures post here).   Wellington is 18 hours ahead of Utah, where Mani of A New Life Wandering is based, so there is always a bit of a discrepancy about when we post, but that is one of the joys of modern life too I guess!  Anyway, here we go.

Comfort food for cold days

It really feels like winter, so the weekend saw soup, desert and a cottage pie – real cold weather foods to fight the winds from Antarctica.  It’s a time for roasted yams, parsnips and citrus fruit.

Lazy days on the sofa

The weather this weekend has meant a lot of time indoors, with the sofa and teapot as best friends.  I actually had time to sit down with a pile of unread magazines and do very little else.  Absolutely wonderful.


Catching up time…


… and time for tea in a mug from my alma mater

Pilates (again, again)

Actually, I don’t why I need to say this again, as it comes up every week. Pilates is one of my favourite things –  full stop.  I am doing a 21 Day Challenge right now, in which you are supposed to adopt a daily 5 minute habit for 21 days. My goal is to do some Pilates each day.   I started on Sunday and did 15 minutes at the first session, and am hoping that at the end of 21 days I will have established a new habit.

My side challenge is to tidy something for 5 minutes every day  – succeeded in that too on Sunday, but with work travel and other events coming up, this might be harder to keep up!

Breakfasts (again)

Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and eat dinner like a pauper so the saying goes. I love breakfast, and a good one can set the tone for the day.  Lunch these days is rushed as I am at work, and often eat left overs or a take away sandwich. Dinner is planned and also when we sit down as a family and catch up with each other.  Breakfast, however, is a time to choose.  I’m not a cereal fan, preferring warming toast or good bread to start the day, topped with what takes my fancy – cream cheese, avocado, Marmite, eggs, smoked salmon, peanut butter, tomatoes in season and occasionally home made marmalade.


Sunday breakfast this week

Dreaming of summer, dreaming of holidays

Summer is my season, so at this time of year I dream of warmer days, of holidays and sitting outside, being at the beach, feeling sand between the toes, and enjoying the fruits and vegetables of the season.


Oamaru, 2016


New Caledonia, 2015


Paihia, 2014

Note 1: Cover picture is of Russell, which we visited in 2014

Note 2:  Also check out Middle Europe’s post of small pleasures.


  1. Lovely. Comfort food, cozying up with tea, yummy breakfast.. sound all very pleasant. I hope you have a great new week on the other side of the world. I also just realized I wasn’t following you, how is that possible? Well, now I am!


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