That was the (cold) week…. #5

This week has flown past, and it’s been a cold one too.  There was heavy snow in several parts of New Zealand, with roads closed and power cuts in some regions.  Winter arrived.

The inland areas of Hawke’s Bay were one of the districts affected, but the cloudy skies prevented me from seeing the signs as I flew up to that region this week.  I was based in Taradale, so there was no snow there.  It was bitterly cold, however, with a morning frost.


The setting sun, Taradale


The morning sun, Taradale

That morning frost evidenced earlier in the week, was also seen in Wellington on Thursday.  It was so cold, that  even the Botanic Gardens were dusted white.  The day, however, was crisp and clear, the sort to wrap up warmly and think about hot chocolates by the fire.


Frosty morning 1


Frosty morning 2

This morning, however, temperatures had risen a little, and there was no frost to be seen on the walk to work, just a beautiful sky and a frog by the pond, covered in petals.


Friday morning


Floral frog

So that was the weather this week, but there was also some good food – an amazing seafood and John Dory tagliatelle at The Mission Estate Winery and the always good pizza at Heaven Woodfire Pizza. And so the week draws to a close, with an evening of ballet (The Royal New Zealand Ballet’s production of Giselle) and the prospect of lots of beer tasting tomorrow…more of that next time.

Cover picture – helpful hints painted on the window of Small Acorns on Wakefield Street, Wellington



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