This week’s small pleasures: episode 16

This week’s small pleasures are going to focus on Sunday.  It was a lovely sunny, winter day and surprisingly warm too.  We drove up the Kapiti coast to Waikanae, walked along the beach, then back down to Paraparaumu for a lovely lunch at Marine Parade Eatery (a glorious pumpkin and spinach soup and the softest herb bread) and another walk on the sand.  I love walking on the beach, glancing down at what the sea has washed up, perhaps finding some interesting shells, love watching the waves, the birds and breathing in the sea air.  So many small pleasures all in one place.  It was also a week of new tastes, of baking, of buying a new sweater – all of which you can read about in my last three posts That was the week…, The red the orange and the yellow and Tastes of the weekend.


Heading down to the beach at Waikanae, with husband


Dog running into the sea, Paraparaumu


Footprints in the sand


Looking out to Kapiti Island


South Island in the distance


Oyster catcher looking for food

Thanks to A New Life Wandering for the idea, and do check out Middle Europe‘s small pleasures too.




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