The good, the bad and the uplifting

We all experience good days and bad days, days where all goes well or we just feel content and days where nothing goes right or where we just can’t snap out of a mood.  I think I’ve had a bit of all of these things this week.

In the good corner, while Karl headed off to Hong Kong, I headed up to Tauranga in the Bay of Plenty region for a work trip.  Of course, on these occasions, little is seen except where one is staying, where one eats and where one is working, but still, I did see a little. Tauranga is connected to Mount Maunganui, a beach town with hot saltwater pools, by a bridge over the harbour. It was good to see a tiny bit of this part of the country, but would have been nice to have the opportunity to see more.

IMG_7568Tauranga, walking along the strand




Walking along the waterfront


A very tall tree

The flights at least were fine, though a bit bumpy on the way up. However, for the first time, I appreciated those awful plastic ‘sippy cup’ lids that go on takeaway drinks. I can’t stand them – you can’t drink properly and the contents of these cups is always ghastly (I don’t drink coffee and tea out of these things is usually undrinkable). No sooner had we been served our teas and coffees, when we hit turbulence. We were very quickly provided with lids for our cups to prevent us being scalded with our drinks. Two negatives made a positive.

In the bad corner, work continues to uninspire, so as I mentioned in my last post, have signed up for pottery classes in July! It isn’t that long until we head off to Europe, and we have lots of fun and interesting things in the diary before we go. There are always flowers in among the weeds.

IMG_6164Always flowers…

This morning, being unable to sleep, but it being too close to normal waking up time, I tuned into one of my favourite podcasts, Jess Lively, and listened to an amazing episode with guest Mariana Lopez Gonzalez.  If you want to be uplifted, moved and inspired then listen.  It is an amazing story of a young woman diagnosed with a serious illness who has remained positive and full of life –listen to it here.

And so tomorrow is Friday. I’m sitting on the sofa, with some trashy TV and the cat. Life isn’t really all that bad after all.



  1. Life is never bad at all. it’s what you think it’s. I think the ups and downs make life more interesting. Imagine life without bumps. What would it be?


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