This Week’s Small Pleasures: episode 5

Here we are on Monday evening and a time to reflect upon this week’s small pleasures. Thanks to A New Life Wandering for the brilliant idea.

It wasn’t a particularly good or bad week, but I have to say that most of my small pleasures were over the weekend, when we went to Nelson (see my previous post).

1  Unfortunately no photograph, but as we were walking the grounds around Nelson Cathedral we came across a bush that was obviously loved by butterflies.  I counted at least a dozen, flying around enjoying the feast.  It’s little moments like that that stick in the memory.

2  The wonderful apartment we stayed in Nelson (again see previous post) had lots of little extra special touches like a bunch of fresh lavender in the bedroom and a cup of fresh herbs in the kitchen. These are indeed small pleasures that just add a certain something to experiences of a new place.

IMG_7532Parsley, rosemary and basil

3  It was fantastic to sit and stare out at the water….a pleasure indeed.

Early morning

IMG_7554Late morning

4  Back at home, some unexpected beauty in a few petunias that are still blooming both in this corner of the backyard and in pots around the back.

IMG_7560Autumn shades, New Zealand

5  Looking in the diary and seeing lots of things to look forward to from comedy, to film to dance.  Oh and looking through the evening class catalogue for winter and deciding to book an eight week beginners pottery class.  Well, time for something different!

6  Our visiting cat, brings pleasure along with concern, but mostly pleasure. (See here for his story).

IMG_7410Charlie at rest

7  Reading other people’s blog posts – Daily Musings lovely pictures of butterflies and Tea and Scandal, Canada‘s discussion of two very important things – tea and scones. And on that note, time for a cup of camomile tea I think.


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