Christmas: sunshine, ham and a walk

So here we are on Boxing Day, sitting in the sunshine having just Skyped my family in the USA, and getting ready to go off to see ‘Star Wars’.  Our feast on Christmas Eve was excellent, and we raised many a toast to friends, family and life in general.  Naturally, as is the way, there is loads of ham left.  We had some yesterday as part of dinner, will take a break from it today and have a roast chicken, but return to it tomorrow in the guise of a quiche.

Christmas Day began with bacon rolls and opening our stockings, and as it was such a gorgeous day, we went for a walk in the Botanic Gardens, starting at the entrance by the cable car.


Nothing beats Wellington on a sunny day…

IMG_6479Blue skies


The cacti and succulent garden

We took a different path to normal, and came across some outdoor sculptures that somehow we had never found before.  It’s lovely when that happens – discovering something new in a familiar location.


Listening and Viewing Device (Andrew Drummond, 1994)

This sculpture is an interactive one – a slight touch and it moves and makes a sound like…well, I guess a sort of tuneless gong.


Peacemaker (Chris Booth 1991)


Me and my nephew posing inside Rudderstone (Denis O’Connor 1997)

We ended our walk walking through the herb garden and down to the Lady Norwood Rose Garden.


Water feature in the herb garden




More roses

And on that note, I’ll sign off for now and report back on ‘Star Wars’ and what happened to the ham in the next post.

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