Christmas Eve – Julafton

So here we are on Christmas Eve, and my early morning plan to make a cake didn’t happened as I found I had no caster sugar.  Well, the two Karls (husband and nephew) went off to get some ice and other last minute things, including the sugar, so I have now managed to get in the oven the planned morello cherry cake.  I haven’t made this before, so it is a bit of an experiment.  The cherries have been soaking in kirsch over night, so am hoping for good things.


Strawberries for breakfast

Our Christmas Eve meal will be a mix of traditional Swedish foods and adaptations to living in the southern hemisphere.  We’ll have three types of herring, ham, Janssons frestelse (Jansson’s temptation – gets a mention every Christmas), potatoes, coleslaw (instead of red cabbage), meatballs, sausages, bread, crispbread….in other words, a feast.

Recipe for Janssons frestelse – in Swedish

For now though, I’m off to sit outside and enjoy the first day of the holidays.  I’ll probably try and blog again on Boxing Day after we’ve been to see ‘Star Wars.’  In the meantime…


Christmas Eve summer sunshine

God Jul! Merry Christmas!

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