Cheers, bangs, and fireworks

I have to say that all this traveling for work right now is really tiring.  Luckily, I have my last trip coming up next week, and hopefully what with that, and the fact that my shoulder is so much better, I can hopefully start up regular exercise again other than my twice weekly Pilates classes.  My body needs it!

Anyway, Friday saw the All Blacks victory parade here in Wellington.  The sun was shining, the sky was blue, and crowds of people came out of offices, shops and homes to watch them go by.  I stood on the terrace of a cafe, and got there early so was right at the front.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people gathered in Wellington, and apparently the Civic Square where the parade ended, was packed out.  Prince Charles happens to be here, and he gave a short congratulatory speech on the steps of Parliament prior to the parade itself.


The first car*

The parade was led as usual in New Zealand by a pipe band, who struck up ‘Scotland the Brave’ just as they passed me by.  I think the man next to me must have wondered why I suddenly started to laugh, but it was kind of strange and also very lovely to hear one of Scotland’s anthems played as part of a celebration of a New Zealand rugby team.

IMG_6067Crowds on Lambton Quay – note people sitting on the roof of the department store opposite


Friday sunshine (after days of bad weather in Wellington)

Luckily, decent if a bit breezy weather, continued onto Saturday. Thursday was Guy Fawkes’ Night, which is also celebrated here in New Zealand (he didn’t even know New Zealand existed, though he would have seen fireworks at least!).  Saturday saw the official display organised by the city council, and this year we went into town with friends, going for Chinese food first and then wandering down to the waterfront.

IMG_6074Fireworks 1

IMG_6076Fireworks 2

There were lots of people, apparently more than last year, no doubt carrying on celebrating the rugby victory.  There were shouts of glee when the smiley firework faces that seem to appear each year, burst out into the night sky, and of course at the final large bang.

So, after all these celebrations, it is now time to think about Christmas.  Well….maybe….

* Ma’a Nonu was the only one I identified!

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