Six on Saturday 29.04.23

In contrast to last Saturday, today has been dry with even a bit of sun. In fact we have had a few gorgeous sunny autumn days this week – the sort where you feel you should go for a good walk enjoying the fresh air. There are things going on outside I have had very little to do with, but let’s go and have a look anyway. Thanks to Jim at Garden Ruminations, for hosting Six on Saturday, whose knowledge of all things plants and gardening makes him an ideal host and move on to what can be see at the moment outside.

To start, more of the pineapple sage which is really putting on a fantastic display with flowers on every branch, The bright red jumps out and demands attention when sitting inside or approaching the front door.

I haven’t yet done anything with these, but will be – yes my bulbs have finally arrived after sitting for two weeks (and many enquiries as to where they were) in the delivery firm’s warehouse. Anyway, something I need to get on with – and love the handwritten note that came with them.

More sage, but this time the purple sage and the ordinary sage, both of which I am enjoying using in the kitchen or just going out rubbing the leaves to release that earthy, herby smell.

I came home from work on Friday and spotted this little beauty that has popped up from nowhere. What a glorious thing to see and lift the sprits.

Other lovely things over in herb corner are the flowers on one of the rosemary and the beautiful blue of the borage. Not much more to say really!

Finally, the shared camellia with our neighbour is looking fantastic already with its bright, pink flowers adding yet more vibrancy and colour to the garden. This is always the first camellia to flower.

Anyway, as usual, I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s beautiful gardens in other parts of the world. Hope you are all well and enjoying your gardens in whatever the season is with you.

Thistles and Kiwis is a Wellington, New Zealand based blog written by Barbara, who likes cats, summer, good food and pretends to garden.

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  1. I think I have seen the daffodils ‘Tete Boucle’ in another Six in recent weeks and your choice was perfect as it’s a very pretty variety. I also look forward to seeing the new tulips in your spring. Nice alto picture!

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  2. Bags of bulbs, is there anything more exciting?! Fabulous camelia. I’m thinking of getting a pineapple sage for one of my clients who likes herbs and bright colours. Seems a perfect fit. Enjoy your week 🙂

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  3. I’m seeing so many different Salvia this year again…I really need to try and find something other than the typical blue I usually have. I’ll be ordering more Muscari soon as well – I don;t see Peppermint in my catalogues, but there’s one called Valerie Finnis which is similar, and should look good mixed with the M. latifolium I already have.

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  4. I’d never heard of pineapple sage before your posts, but wow, is it pretty! Lucky you to be able to grow camellia. I’ve never seen a camellia that I didn’t like! Great to have some nice weather, too. Happy planting of your bulbs 🙂

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