This week’s small pleasures #331

What gorgeous weather we have had these past few days – it almost feels like summer has returned. Now that is a small pleasure in itself! I had a good stroll around after Pilates on Wednesday, doing a bit of shopping, a bit of browsing along Cuba Street before returning home to cook dinner. The weekend was good too, and now the first day of the working week is over.

Food and eating

I had lunch at The Oatery (pictured above) on Wednesday, enjoying this smoked salmon toast. I worked at home on Friday, and made the burrata and courgette salad from Nigella Eats Everything which was just lovely. On Saturday, I made a celeriac and potato gratin with added spinach which turned out beautifully (but I forgot to take a picture).

There wasn’t a whole lot of things in the basket this week as we have eating out plans and left overs from last week, but I did pick up a head of broccoli, some spinach, a capsicum, limes, chillis, pears and this dill goat cheese from The Drunken Nanny.

Saturday baking

With some plums needing to be used up, I made the quick and easy cake I’ve made a couple of times now. The plums were sharp and the cinnamon and brown sugar topping made a lovely contrast. I listened to a ‘cosy crime’ novel I had borrowed from the library at the same time – what a great way to spend part of the afternoon.

Simple things

  • Buying a new lipstick in a beautiful case and some beeswax candles
  • Appreciating sitting in the sun with a cup of tea and a slice of cake on Sunday afternoon.
  • Having a ‘date night’ of a pre-dinner drink at Little Beer Quarter and then Indian food at Great India.
  • Spending time reading.
  • Enjoying a gossipy lunch out with work colleagues to celebrate two birthdays.
  • Hearing my bulbs have been despatched.

What were your small pleasures this week? Here are some other blog posts from a few fellow bloggers looking at the good things in life. 

Also entered in The Weekend Coffee Share hosted by Natalie.

Thistles and Kiwis is a Wellington, New Zealand based blog written by Barbara, who likes cats, summer, good food and pretends to garden.

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  1. We are also enjoying summery temperatures and a ‘lift’ came in the form of a variety of birds keeping me company while I breakfasted outdoors this morning.

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  2. Enjoy the balmy weather Barbara, it’s always a bonus at this time of year! We’re currently in Canberra babysitting and after a cool start the days have been lovely with a top of 22 today.

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  3. That smoked salmon toast looks delicious, and I don’t know if I said it lately, but I really appreciate reading about your small joys. It really makes me pause and reflect about my own day/week. Thank you

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  4. What a lovely week! Your plum cake looks so good and to have a slice with tea is definitely a pleasure. Thank you for the mention and your weekend coffee share.

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  5. Hi Barbara,

    Your coffee shares always leave me not hungry per-say, but really wanting to try some of the treats you describe. Today you left me thinking about our plum tree.

    Its fruit are just forming and are far from ready for harvest – but I can see the tiny bulbs of sweetness beginning to grow. This year I finally tracked down a treatment for what here is called curly-leaf. It’s a mold – I think – that attacks the whole tree, but only displays its damage on the leaf by twisting them, causing the tree to struggle with normal growth. This is the first year that we have no curled leaves but I’m pretty sure I should have also fertilized the ground around the tree as we’re not going to get much fruit. The one recent year when I did fertilize, the tree produced maybe 200 fruit – all of which were wonderful, but it was way more than we could consume. This year we may get 20-30.
    I need to find a happy mid-point somehow.

    You mentioned your Indian restaurant. We’ve missed good Indian food here for years. There was one that opened in a nearby town, but by the time we stopped by to try them out – the business had failed and so was locked up tight, awaiting for someone to come by and pick up the furnishings. Bummer!

    But then one day about 2 weeks ago I went to try another restaurant, a simple American venue – and they were out of business too. Come on! I thought. I was ready to turn around in the parking lot to leave, but there, only 2 doors from the closed place was a brand new Indian place – so I parked and enthusiastically walked in to give them a try – and it was wonderful. Huge selection of traditional Indian dishes – great use of spices, so lots of familiar rich flavors.

    If that wasn’t good enough, We’d seen another possible Indian place, further north of us, so a bit of a drive and my wife decided we should try it last Saturday. It didn’t look like much and had almost a fast-food style appearance but they too delivered a wonderful array of choices and everything we tried was wonderful.

    So just like that – we suddenly have two viable options for these wonderful meals.

    simple pleasures indeed. . .

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  6. That salad sounds good. I have a few cookbooks that I’d love to cook my way through, but my hubby too much wants to eat a certain…self control isn’t in his dictionary. That plum cake looks good too. I enjoyed your “simple things list”.

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