Six on Saturday 08.04.23

It’s the long Easter weekend which should mean time to spend out in the garden, and while I did do some tidying up, I am really waiting for my bulbs to arrive and to really plan out what I am going to do with them this year. In the meantime, I spotted a few things out there other than Japanese anemones (though they do feature today). Anyway, thanks to Jim at Garden Ruminations, for hosting Six on Saturday, whose knowledge of all things plants and gardening makes him an ideal host and move on to what can be see at the moment outside.

First up, the first bright yellow flowers on the mahonia are beginning to show. I know some people don’t like them, but they do brighten up the autumn garden.

Round the back of the house, I spotted magnolia seed pods. Actually, you can see these pops of bright red from the top of the steps to the house. They are such amazing shapes and such a vibrant colour.

I spotted this little wasp on the pineapple sage on Friday, seemingly enjoying the sunshine. The purple sage has recovered well from being eaten by something at the height of summer, and I still have a good supply of ordinary sage leaves for the ktichen,

Still in herb corner, both of the rosemary plants are covered with the classic lilac flowers at the moment, also adding a pop of colour in amongst the green.

Yes – there are still a couple of nasturtiums out there – surely these really are the last ones of the season? How many times have I said that so far?

To end….the Japanese anemones of course. Happy Easter!

Anyway, as usual, I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s beautiful gardens in other parts of the world. Hope you are all well and enjoying your gardens in whatever the season is with you.

Thistles and Kiwis is a Wellington, New Zealand based blog written by Barbara, who likes cats, summer, good food and pretends to garden.

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  1. Loving your garden photos. This is one challenge I can’t rise to you as my garden still has at least 4 feet of snow on it and a howling cold south wind! Maybe spring starts tomorrow we’ve said for 3 weeks! Thanks for the pops of colour in a white world. Bernie

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      1. Spring seems to have arrived late yesterday afternoon and now the water is starting to run. Still lots of snow around but no more temps below freezing during the day time. Bernie

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  2. It’s not a wasp, it’s a fly that wants to look like a wasp …. maybe to scare others? It’s good to have shared the photos of the magnolia seed pods. I don’t see them often and the colour is very pretty.
    Thanks for the japanese anemones too !

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  3. What’s not to love about Japanese Anemone? I only discovered the flowers on Rosemary just a few years ago. They are so dainty and pretty. And I’ve never seen the seed pods for magnolia before – how neat!

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