If we were having coffee…or even a cup of tea

If we were having coffee…or even a cup of tea…we would talk about the extraordinary weather, about the wind, rain and almost winter temperatures today (Wednesday). You say it will all be back to normal temperatures and sunshine by Friday, and we agree that was a very good thing.

If we were having a coffee…or even a cup of tea…we would talk about how since the last time we met our beautiful little cat Charlie crossed the rainbow bridge and how much we miss him still. You say you are not surprised.

If we were having coffee…or even a cup of tea…we would also talk about the good things that have happened this month, from a lovely sunny day for the street festival CubaDupa, to attending a lovely fund raising event for cyclone relief.

If we were having coffee…or even a cup of tea, I would tell you that this past month we went to an author event held at Meow. The interview with Ben MacIntyre about his new book Colditz, was fun and informative and a great way to spend an hour one Thursday evening. You say that sounds interesting.

If we were having coffee…or even a cup of tea…you would ask what I saw at the cinema this month and I say Karl and I went to see Empire of Light, starring Olivia Coleman. I say it was beautifully filmed and well acted, but very predictable and probably only 3 stars out of 5. You ask what else I saw and I say a friend and I went to see the ‘rom com’ What’s Love Got To Do With It, which we enjoyed, and thought a fun film for a dull afternoon. You say you might try and see that one.

If… we were having coffee…or even a cup of tea…we would talk about what we had been watching. I say there have been a few good things this month – the cosy crime series Murder in Provence, the Belfast set police drama Blue Lights and finally catching up with the series based on the life of Julia Child, Julia. You say that sounds like a varied mix and I say yes it has been a good month. I say I am way behind on catching up on podcasts, and you say there are so many out there now it is hard to keep track.

If we were having coffee…or even a cup of tea….I would say would you like to stay for dinner on this sunny but very cold evening? And you say yes. I say it is pasta again with courgette, lemon, salami and broccoli….and you say it just wouldn’t be right if we didn’t eat pasta together and I smile and say yes you are so right. (Note to readers – I realised that for the third time in this series of posts, pasta was on the menu on a Wednesday, twice also featuring courgettes. I can reassure you all we do eat other things….. 🙂 ).

I will be entering this post in a new challenge that has been set by Donna, JoDeb and Sue – what’s been on your calendar? It is designed to be “a place to share share recent highs, lows, activities, hobbies, travel, resolutions, and challenges, and report on your word of the year if you have one.” It is also a good opportunity for a monthly wrap-up. The challenge will take place on the last Thursday of each month at 2 pm PST (3 pm during daylight savings time) or the last Friday of each month at 8 am AEST which for me means….I think from 10am on Friday at this time of year if you are in NZ. I’m posting on Thursday evening as that works best for my schedule.

Thistles and Kiwis is a Wellington, New Zealand based blog written by Barbara, who likes cats, summer, good food and pretends to garden.

You can find Thistles and Kiwis on Facebook, and also on Instagram @thistlesandkiwis. If you want to get in touch, email me on thistlesandkiwis@gmail.com or lofgren@thistlesandkiwis.org


  1. I never get tired of your pasta featuring courgettes, Barbara. Thank you for the invitation. And thank you for being a regular at What’s Been on Your Calendar? I especially enjoy your ‘If we were having coffee’ posts, and always look forward to them!

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  2. I loved Julia and Murder in Provence and have heard good things about Blue Lights. As for that pasta? Yes please! Thanks for linking up.

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  3. As far as I am concerned, pasta never gets old. After having lost our dear little Miss, I know what you are going through. I so enjoyed reading about the mix of movies and television shows that you have been watching. We just finished watching “Mare of Easttown,” an older HBO show that we somehow missed. Excellent series.

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  4. Thanks Barbara, I’ll stay for dinner anytime even if all you eat is pasta and courgettes 🙂 So many funs bits in your post, and it’s great to have you join us for #WBOYC. I’ve heard about the rom-com ‘What’s Love got to do with it’ twice today, maybe that’s a sign!!

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  5. Hello, Barbara. You know how much I love these particular posts of yours. If WE were having coffee, or a cup of tea, I would say how much I missed you and you’d say you’re glad to hear from me. I’d say I’ve been busy with my substitute teaching and welcoming spring to my garden.

    I’d also hug you in celebration of Charlie and to honor how much you miss him. And I’d tell you how much I enjoyed “Operation Mincemeat” by Ben Macintyre. I’m delighted you saw him speak!

    So let’s lift a cup of something warm and enjoy each other’s company. Fondly, Carol Ann

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    1. Carol Ann – I am indeed delighted to hear from you. I had been thinking about you the other day walking through the Botanic Gardens, looking for those little delights that brighten up our days. Anyway, how wonderful to wake up this morning and read your kind comment while drinking my first cup of tea of the day. May you have a wonderful Easter.

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