Six on Saturday 25.03.23

It is already nearing the end of March. The bulbs that I have ordered should be arriving soon, a sure sign that autumn is here. A lot of tidying up needs to be done outside, and as usual there are always other things going on. I’m hoping to spend the Easter weekend, not that long away, outside getting things ready for winter. Anyway, thanks to Jim at Garden Ruminations, for hosting Six on Saturday, whose knowledge of all things plants and gardening makes him an ideal host and move on to what can be see at the moment outside.

There isn’t a lot happening out there to be honest, however a few late planted Nasturtium Bloody Mary have been in flower, adding a welcome pop of colour at the front of the house.

Over in herb corner…not a lot to report as some things begin to come to an end, but the rosemary, pineapple sage and purple sage are still looking good, and I have lots of parsley, thyme and oregano when I need them in the kitchen.

The first buds are appearing on the camellia in front of the house, and the bush that borders our neighbours’ house is also covered in buds. It seems to me we have camellias for months and months…..

I usually only post pictures of the mahonia when in flower or covered in berries. but here are the plants looking splendid and green round the side of the house. They grow really well, almost too well!

At number five, this perfect chorus cicada nymph case. It looks as if it could spring into life at any moment….

Finally, the wonderful display of Japanese anemones continues up and around the side of the house, with even a few on the steps going up the side of the house.

As usual, I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s beautiful gardens in other parts of the world. Hope you are all well and enjoying your gardens in whatever the season is with you.

Thistles and Kiwis is a Wellington, New Zealand based blog written by Barbara, who likes cats, summer, good food and pretends to garden.

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  1. You have inspired me to try Nasturtiums this year, but I didn’t realise that they germinated so quickly, they are in my conservatory at the moment as they can’t go out yet.

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  2. Autumn is a glorious time of the year. Our lawns were mowed this morning, essential pruning around the house is being done by an assistant much stronger and more nimble than I am and there is even some rain in the offing tomorrow.

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  3. What a lovely collection of flowers and plants! How lucky for you to have such a long season of camellias. I think I’ll try one in a pot as my soil isn’t acidic and I think they are so pretty. Your Nasturtium is lovely as are the Japanese anemone. And I have to say how handy it must be to have all of your fresh herbs!

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  4. I loved seeing all the flowers and plants. It’s currently -12C/10F outside and there’s a tractor clearing up all the snow we got last night. The sun is shining and it doe indeed looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day. …unfortunately a long way aways from starting the gardening adventure for the season.

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  5. Your anemones are beautiful. I spent this morning thinning my irises. Last year they didn’t bloom at all. I went out this morning to get busy thinning them and see that a few are going to bloom. I will have to find a new place for the ones I just thinned. These came from my mama’s house where I grew up so they are very special.

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  6. Hi, Barbara – Your garden still looks wonderful. It is a little early for our garden to show much colour. But it is officially Spring and I have officially switched out my Fall/Winter clothes for my Spring/Summer ones. 😀


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