Six on Saturday 27.08.22

Anybody want any rain? Happy to send you some. Yes, we have had more rain, but we have also had sunshine – on Tuesday and for a short moment today. I am itching to get out and tidy things up, but the moments that are available I am either working or doing other necessary things (like the hairdresser and Pilates classes…). Anyway, it is time for Six on Saturday when The Propagator encourages us to share what is going on in our gardens in all parts of the world. Check out the participant guide if you want to join in.

Not a lot new really this week, but let’s start with where we finished last week and the hellebores which are looking fantastic. There is a pink ‘clump’ and a white one and I just love to look at them every day – they always cheer me up.

The magnolia is now in bloom at the back of the house, its white flowers looking lovely against the blue skies. I wish I was just a bit taller to take a decent picture.

I was a bit short of ideas to post this week, so here is another picture of the mahonia berries. The lemon balm (not pictured) has come to life, but most things are just thinking about popping up again.

There are still lots of camellias around on all the bushes. Some are looking a little soggy, but this one was still bright and cheerful in front of the house.

In the penultimate position this week, it is back to the kawakawa (piper excelsum). I think the leaves look lovely in the rain…just as well! The berries are looking good too.

And to end, a host of daffodils, some golden, many covered in rain drops. I am so pleased with the display so far this year and can see there are more to come. What an antidote to the weather!

I probably won’t be here next week as I am off across the Pacific Ocean to Canada. If I find 6 things to share from that city, I will do so, otherwise will see you back here in a couple of weeks.

That’s all from me folks for this week. As usual, I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s beautiful gardens in other parts of the world. Hope you are all well and enjoying your gardens in whatever the season is with you.

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  1. What a great way to end with the cheerful daffs and the promise of a trip to Canada, how exciting. I was wondering which way round you would go. Lovely, camellia and magnolia. Enjoy your holiday and if you can, I’d love to see pictures. 🙂

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  2. The weeks follow each other and look alike, you have too much rain and we need here! You’re going to Canada where I was last week : on the west coast probably , closer to your home? Enjoy your holidays

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  3. With all the rain you have experienced so far, I feel sure your garden will survive your absence. ENJOY your trip to Canada. I am not the only one looking forward to reading about it. More importantly, I hope you both will experience much happiness and a sense of fulfillment while you are there!

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  4. I have just put in my order for next year’s spring bulbs, mostly tulips but a couple of dwarf narcissi including the Jetfire I think you have mentioned – I always cram them into pots! Enjoy Canada – Vancouver? One of my favourite cities.

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  5. Lovely to see your daffodils and Hellebores blossoming before you travel overseas….enjoy your trip to Vancouver, and take lots of books for the plane trip! What are you doing with your cat Charlie?

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    1. I have my books planned though usually just watch movies or listen to music on these long flights. Charlie will be going on holiday too, to the cattery at our vet – he likes it there, and they know him well too and his personality.


  6. You say you don’t have much variety but we can depend on your post always having healthy – if rather wet – plants. Those mahonia berries are getting darker by the week and such lovely camellias, as usual.

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