A seat at the table: Logan Brown

If you saw Monday’s post, you would have seen that Sunday was my birthday. I really celebrated in style this year, with not only lunch out, but also dinner at Wellington institution Logan Brown. We stopped off for a glass of cava at Puffin Wine bar, served in these great glasses where the bubbles also rise in the stems.

We then walked up Cuba Street to the restaurant, the interior of which you can see below. After choosing a sauvignon blanc to enjoy with the first course, we enjoyed some of their in house bread – a sourdough and a ‘Swedish’ cranberry and raisin bread served with two butters – salted honey and black garlic.

For my first course I went for the pāua (a form of abalone) ravioli served with coriander, basil, and lime beurre blanc. These were really delicious and a great way to start. Karl had the kawakawa smoked ora king salmon served with tempura broad squid, pomegranate and “whipped olive” (looked like a tapanade) which was also rated very good,

We both opted for the Wild Fiordland Venison which was a porter braised venison shank served with a potato pave, red cabbage and sour cherry jus. The meat was soft and tender and really full of flavour. I love venison, and served with red cabbage is a perfect match. We enjoyed a merlot with our main dish that perfectly complemented the meat.

For dessert, Karl had the dark chocolate torte with cold brew coffee ice-cream, hazelnut, plum and dulce de leche, which was rich and very delicious. I had the duck egg creme caramel with a slice of spice roasted persimmon, a campari orange macaron and honey comb. Another rich but extremely delicious dessert, and the macaron was a delight.

And that was another birthday celebrated!

Also entered in What’s on my plate hosted by The Widow Badass and Retirement Reflections.

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  1. I just had to look up the restaurant to see how expensive this wonderful meal was and am very surprised considering how superb the dishes look and obviously taste. It would cost at least double that here in a similar type of restaurant. In fact we have even stopped eating out at lunch-time because of the ridiculously high prices charged for basic meals. You are very lucky to live in such a fabulous city and country.

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    1. I know Logan Brown shifted after Covid to only doing a prix fixe type menu. I honestly felt it was great value considering the place, the service (first class) and the food. By the time we left, the place was full. I agree – we are lucky to live in such a fabulous city!

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  2. Happy Birthday! I was fortunate enough to eat at this institution 5-6 years ago and every bite of the tasting menu was completely perfect. Sounds like the best way to celebrate a birthday.

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  3. Let’s celebrate your birthday all month long. I’m finally catching up, and I raise a glass of cava to you! What an elegant, inventive, beautiful meal. The combinations, colors and textures fill me with awe. I don’t need to eat it: I just love reading the words!

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