A seat at the table: Daisy’s

On a chilly winter Sunday evening, we headed down to Daisy’s restaurant in Thorndon, to celebrate Karl’s birthday a day in advance (which we also celebrated on Monday as I mentioned in my last post). It had been a wee while since we had eaten there, so it was good to go back and enjoy their food.

Bread and butter are brought to the table automatically, which I always appreciate, especially when it is as good as that served here. To start, we shared the wild pork and duck liver terrine served with Daisy’s own picallili and toast, and waffle crisps with onion dip. These are no ordinary crisps or a dip made from a packet of onion soup, but a carefully crafted dish from real onions and sour cream. The recipe was published in Cuisine magazine if you want to try it yourself!

For our main dishes, I chose the fish (which was moki this time), served with Jerusalem artichokes, winter greens and a citrus based sauce. Karl had the steak frites served with Café de Paris butter, which is melted onto the meat with a miniature blow torch at the table – a fun touch that always brings oohs and aahs.

We enjoyed a glass of Daisy’s own Marlborough sauvignon blanc to start and Hamden Estate in Martinborough’s pinot noir with our main dish. As usual we had no dessert, but we enjoyed an after dinner chocolate mint (72% dark chocolate, mint and ‘a hint of kawakawa’) with our coffee.

It was a lovely early celebration, ending with a walk home. Daisy’s can be found on Thorndon Road, Thorndon village, a stone’s throw from parliament.

Also entered into the weekend coffee share blog event hosted by Natalie the Explorer.

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  1. Thank you for giving us a seat at the table! I could almost taste the delights you beautifully described (especially the blow-torched butter on the steak…). And your feature photo — capturing a figure in the bowl of the wine glass — is stunning. Take us with you again soon!

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