Six on Saturday 12.03.22

After many days of glorious sunshine, this morning was a little overcast with a very slight drizzle – the sort of weather that plays havoc with my hair. However the sun came out this afternoon, but I was still glad I taken pictures during the week for today’s post. A big thanks to The Propagator who encourages us to share what is going on in our gardens in all parts of the world. Check out the participant guide if you want to join in.

First up, the last sunflower picture for now, with this one on its last legs but still providing some sustenance for a bee.

Next over to herb corner, where the all three rosemary plants are growing like mad. On advice from Jude, I lobbed a bit off the big plant and stuck it in a pot, where it has grown really well. I just love the smell of rosemary and often just go outside and run my hands over the leaves. The echinacea is coming along nicely with its second set of blooms and the borage is still looking delightful.

And so to this week’s nasturtiums – yellow, orange and mottled. They just look so cheerful and lift the spirits.

In the nice surprise corner we have a Tangier pea and of course the marigolds as I featured last week. The Tangier pea started life as a pea pod I plucked from a plant growing wild below the house. It has a very pretty magenta pink flower, so I thought I would just stick the seeds in a pot and see what happened. See below and now I need to tend to it properly and move it to a much bigger pot given the height to which it can grow.

At number five, a kererū feasting on a cabbage tree on Friday afternoon. Seriously it is there if you look really carefully.

Finally, the Japanese anemomes, looking glorious at the moment. Check out the featured image at the top of the post for the sight that greets us on coming home each day.

That is my six this week, and as usual, I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s beautiful gardens in other parts of the world. Hope you are all well and enjoying your gardens in whatever the season is with you.

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  1. I echo Anne. Glad the rosemary cutting is a success. I need to take cuttings of my large one as it is falling over so needs to be cut down. Like you, I love the smell of rosemary. It’s amazing if you put a few sprigs onto roasting vegetables. The smell permeates the whole house.

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  2. Your nasturtiums are full of joy! I bought some this week, must get them going. The scent of rosemary is lovely, really good for cooking with as well. Have you ever made rosemary oil, it is the best for roast potatoes. 🙂

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  3. Beautiful garden! Thanks for the tip about rosemary cuttings. I fear mine didn’t over-winter very well. Maybe I can salvage an offspring. And like you, I love running my fingers along rosemary leaves!

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  4. I am looking outside my window and there is snow, snow, snow! Even the evergreens are covered in white. Even though I am greatly enjoying this weather, it was a refreshing break to see your beautiful garden and dream of Spring!


  5. I’m completely sorted now, thanks to Mr Propagator! I’ve not seen a kararu before, even one trying to hide behind a big plant. Those nasturtiums never fail to please, well, to please me anyway.

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