A word for Wednesday – amazing

The protesters are still outside Parliament, Covid cases are on the rise (New Zealand hasn’t reached peak numbers of Omicron yet) and I was feeling a bit down this afternoon as I hadn’t done things I ‘should have done’…and then I read Deb’s blog about her e-bike… and she reminded us that we are all amazing, that the world out there has so much to offer…and so I thought well actually some pretty amazing things happened today.

I don’t work on Wednesdays, and started the day with avocado toast followed by a Pilates class at a different studio to normal. That was pretty amazing and the class was excellent. I then walked to town, browsed in a couple of shops (and bought a magazine), and had lunch at Floriditas (Green Eggs ‘n’ Ham….honey glazed ham, wilted greens, parsley hollandaise and two poached eggs). Now – that lunch was amazing too.

I decided to take the cable car home (to avoid Parliament) and stopped for a moment at the top to gaze over the city to the hills and the amazing view, before descending down the hill in the Botanic Gardens, past the now fading hydrangeas which are being replaced by bright yellow daisy shaped blooms.

To have time to read in the afternoon is pretty amazing, to have some moments of reflection is too. I went outside to do a little weeding and get some photos for Saturday’s blog post, and had to stop and look at the amazing unfurling sunflower. I also spotted the first signs of growth of a. Tangier pea which started life as seeds plucked from a plant growing wild on the steps down from the house. That was also pretty amazing.

So look around you…there are always amazing things around you even if you don’t always notice them.

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  1. You are so right about taking the time to see any number of amazing things in our surroundings. Mine today include seeing 8mm rain in the rain gauge (!), listening to a nightjar in the early hours of a very hot morning, receiving an unexpected photograph on WhatsApp, and enjoying some cooler weather at last 🙂

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  2. Amazing is a great word! There is so much to be amazed about, if only we’d open our eyes. Your post and photos are amazing. Thank you for sharing!


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  3. That pic of the sunflower is great & Wellington certainly had her fancy pants on. There truly is something amazing wherever you look – if you look.

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  4. What’s interesting is that the protest at Parliament caused you to change your wonderings, that allowed you to slow down and “just be and see”

    I read somewhere the protestors have starting digging the ground for a vegetable patch! At least for once the focus isn’t on my region, Auckland. Other than a surge is happening with the covid cases here…me keeping a fairly low profile. And feeling sorry for the city dwellers in your fair city, now hemmed in with said protestors…

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      1. It’s gone totally crazy!

        And for what…misinformation on a variety of “causes”. Well that’s what it seems to me.

        Whoever they are, wherever they hail from…should be back in their community giving support etc.

        Keep safe Wellington folk

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  5. Oh that made me smile :). I’m so glad my post made you smile and find some amazing things while out and about! Your sunflower photo looks like one of mine here ready to open but hanging on. I love the amazing view too and that lunch – yum!!

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