Six on Saturday 22.01.22

It is a warm, sunny evening, and we have spent the afternoon at friends enjoying a BBQ, wine (me) and beer (husband), so my post is week is understandably brief… fact, I don’t have much new to report. We had a little rain, but I have had to go out with the watering can a few times. Things are at that ‘jungle’ point of the season, where the spot that was weed free yesterday is full of unwanted things today. Anyway, thanks to The Propagator who encourages us to share what is going on in our gardens in all parts of the world. Check out the participant guide if you want to join in.

First up, the jungle…picture taken on Saturday morning at 7:45am. You can see that the alstroemerias have turned to seed, pretty seeds though, but no wonder the whole side of the house gets filled with these flowers in the summer.

Next up, nasturtium buds…hopefully will have flowers to show you next week.

At number three, herb corner and this week we have the pretty variegated sage, the tarragon which is producing lots of good leaves for cooking this week and the lemon bergamot which is still looking so pretty so I hope you don’t mind me featuring it again.

At number four it is Dahlia corner…flowers are blooming, but the plants look a little ‘stressed’ if that makes any sense so a little tender loving care is heading their way.

Next we have Charlie, who is not so keen on the hot weather with his big black fur coat. But he does love to wander about in the cooler hours of the morning and evening, checking his territory and that our garden is safe from other cats.

And to end, the view that greeted me at 7:30am from the front of the house – the bright blue sky, the promise of a glorious day ahead, the ferns and cabbage trees and the rhododendron.

That is my six this week, and as usual, I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s beautiful gardens in other parts of the world. Hope you are all well and enjoying your gardens in whatever the season is with you.

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  1. Lovely, summery Six-on-Saturday again. Our cat doesn’t like the cold weather but would struggle in your heat too, I expect. He’s asleep on his cushion…..inside, of course.

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  2. Third attempt. 🤬 Perfect, summery Six-on-Saturday again. The dahlias look as though the slugs have avoided them. Our cat doesn’t like the cold but would struggle in your heat too.

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  3. That is a wonderful view and I can almost feel the heat. Lemon Bergamot is a pretty plant. I need to find some more this year as mine only lasted for one season.

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  4. Nope! Not envious at all about the summer mode that your garden appears to be in (said looking out into the grey January day here!) I shall pop and follow you on instagram .

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  5. Like Jim’s cats, mine stays in when it’s cold but if the sun shines, he goes to a sunny spot in a garden up the road to watch a group of 4 fluffy cats playing in their large garden cage…….apparently more interesting than watching us. 🤔🙄🥱 As usual your summer garden is beautiful.

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  6. French wines are known and highly appreciated around the world, but it seems that New Zealand wines too ! We don’t often see a picture of the front garden and the one with this beautiful blue sky makes me really want to be there!

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    1. In the UK at least it is easy to find NZ Sauvignon Blanc, exported in large vats and bottled on landing. Not the best wine at all! There are so many better wines here – gorgeous buttery chardonnays, full bodied reds, and a wine I never liked until I moved here, Riesling. Of course, French wines are wonderful. Everything is looking so bright right now.

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