This week’s small pleasures #266

Today saw our return to work after what has been a lovely long summer holiday, that included Christmas, New Year and a lovely trip up to Hawke’s Bay. It has been another gorgeous summer day, so being stuck in the office was not ideal – so even more important to remember the small pleasures of the past week!

In Friday’s post, I mentioned going over to Lake Ferry. On our way there, we met a herd of young cattle being moved from one field to another. For some reason, my mind turned to Something Over Tea’s stories about the urban herd which lives near her, though this was of course quite different! Anyway, you can see how our progress was slowed down, and more pictures of one of my favourite places.

And so to food….and there was a smoked salmon toast for Friday lunch at Squirrel, a prawn risotto at our local Italian restaurant, Cosa Nostra and a basket full of pasta, feta, avocados, plums, nectarines, shallots and ginger as well as a pot of baby sorrel. I made Pasta alla Norma during the week for dinner that I must say was rather good. There was a lamb curry on Sunday night and a charcuterie board on Saturday night – lots of small pleasures on the table this week!

And so to Sunday, when we drove over to Mākara, taking a walk up to the remains of Fort Opau (part of World War 2 defences) for a wonderful clear view over to the South Island. Below you can see the walk past a wind turbine (there is a big wind farm up here which you can see a bit of in the middle picture), the amazing view we had and all only 20 minutes drive from home…..

What were your small pleasures this week? Here are some other blog posts from a few fellow bloggers looking at the good things in life. 

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  1. Love the long white clouds! Lovely shots, hope returning to work isn’t too much of a struggle. I must admit I don’t miss those days….thanks for the inclusion of my post 🙂

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  2. I love the photo and the story: Making way for cattle, ducklings or, in my family’s case, wild ponies. Worth slowing down for! And I love the food pictures. You may be back at work, but your cooking suffers not!

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  3. Urghhhh, it must be so excruciating to return to work after a glorious break! and with sunny skies outside to boot! And yet, you still manage to bring forward many happy moments to smile at! If I haven’t said it before, I am always cheered and inspired when I visit your space!

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