This week’s small pleasures #265

It has truly been a lovely week. I’m on holiday until next Monday, which is small pleasure in itself. I’m not sure exactly what I am going to get up to, but no doubt there will be some reading, weeding and some time in the kitchen perhaps. Anyway, as regular readers will be aware, we had a lovely few days up in Hawke’s Bay. We stayed in Napier, a place we have visited several times before (and have several old blog posts about). Briefly, after a devastating earthquake in 1931, the city was rebuilt, with the result that many of the buildings are in Art Deco style. In fact, each year there is even an Art Deco festival. Should you visit, the local museum has an excellent permanent exhibition about the earthquake and its aftermath. The sunset picture was taken from our hotel window.

What people like to do on holiday varies from individual to individual. We are beach people (as you might have already guessed from recent posts…), finding being by the water and listening to the waves so relaxing. I love to read, Karl loves to swim, so it suits us perfectly. Add into the mix good food and wine, and it all adds up to a great holiday.

I posted a brief post about some of the things we ate when we were away, but of course on getting home, we needed a proper food shop to stock up for the week. Into the basket went white fleshed nectarines to roast for a summer dessert, apricots to snack on, green beans, sweet corn, tomatoes, courgettes and garlic. There were also a couple aubergines (eggplants) which I intend to use to make Pasta alla Norma during the week. I also picked up some Lebanese cucumbers, more tomatoes and these lovely capsicum, which will look lovely sliced in thin circles on top of a salad. On Sunday we enjoyed Japanese food when visiting my nephew and family for lunch, and I had a sandwich at favourite cafe Squirrel for lunch today (Monday).

Finally, we picked up Charlie from the cattery where he was having his summer holiday. It is of course lovely to have this little ball of black fur back home.

What were your small pleasures this week? Here are some other blog posts from a few fellow bloggers looking at the good things in life. 

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  1. Lovely images of the beach. I did, though, initially read that you had squirrel for lunch 🙂 It’s great to see all the fresh produce available – we’re on potatoes, cabbage and root vegetable with the last of the sprouts. Can’t wait until we get all the summer stuff; I’ll have to plan my seed sowing!

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    1. Hmm…roasted squirrel? :-). Summer is so good for all the wonderful produce around. We are lucky in NZ too as all the stone fruit, avocados and other fruit and veggies are all grown here. Cabbage is good though, and really versatile. I love it 🙂


  2. I’m a beach person too! Take us with you again when you visit Hawke’s Bay…. I adored your feature photo and was quite taken by the last image of Charlie, with his rich black bridging the orange, green and gray. Very pretty. And thank you so much for the shout-out!

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