If we were having coffee…or even a cup of tea…

If we were having coffee…or even a cup of tea…we would in fact be sipping some sparkling water with lime and lemon balm as it is so warm outside on the decking.

If we were having coffee…or even a cup of tea…we would briefly touch on the’ anti-vaxxer’ demonstration here in Wellington yesterday, but decide to move on and instead talk about the big news in the city today – Mittens the Cat is moving back to Auckland. The famous feline holds the key to the city, has had an exhibition about him and a book about his exploits in Wellington. We agree it is a sad day indeed for the city.

If we were having coffee…or even a cup of tea…we would talk about the New Zealand International Film Festival. I say we are off to see our second film tomorrow, and you say you have a few things booked as well. We say how glad we are it is going ahead.

If we were having coffee…or even a cup of tea…I would tell you about my ‘haul’ from Commonsense Organics this morning. There were peas and broad beans, and of course asparagus, and also two of those expensive but lovely heirloom tomatoes. Oh there was also a jar of cinnamon spiced almond butter. You say it all looks so lovely and I say I love going vegetable shopping and you laugh.

If we were having coffee…or even a cup of tea…we would discuss Christmas and the summer ahead, and wonder if we will have to change plans thanks to you know what. We both sincerely hope we don’t have to alter anything.

If we were having coffee…or even a cup of tea…I would say why don’t you join us for dinner? There is one of my favourite salads from Peter Gordon’s Savour (grilled carrots, manchego, orange, pecan and sultanas) to have with sausages and broad beans. You say oh yes please! So we settle down to an evening of more conversation with a glass of red wine and good food.

Entered into this week’s coffee share hosted by Natalie the Explorer.

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  1. I would thank you for a wonderful meal and a pleasant evening, and suggest next time we venture out to Commonsense Organics to explore the bounty and to shop together.

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  2. It’s been ages since I went to Commonsense Organics which is on Dominion Road, in Auckland. I wonder if Mittens the Cat will find a new home nearby to said store…or maybe Mittens will end up in Herne Bay near one of the organic butchers!

    I can wander to retailers now, and I was always able to go to Commonsense but I had to use the other form of commonsense and as an elder stay home, keep safe. Somehow having not been terribly far in the last 80+ days, I’m not quite up to visiting any sort of brick/mortar store…

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    1. Oh wouldn’t it be wonderful if Mittens moved near you and you could report on him! I think if I was in Auckland I would be cautious about shops too, other than ones I needed to go to. I couldn’t believe the queues of people waiting for shops to open!

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      1. the queue that formed at Sylvia Park Mall had to do with a new store brand opening and it was offering a large and free gift bag as an enticement. Over here in the West, it was apparently rather quiet at our local Lynmall. Many on my local f/b page “waiting” to see…I’m waiting too but know at some point I “can’t hide away here” – the only store I’ve loitered in (during the last 80+ days) and doing some shopping was the local Station Mart – everything else came via online shopping or my younger helper.

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  3. Oh, I absolutely love vegetabl shopping! We have a farmer’s market in town and every time I go there, I go wild at the vegetable stand. We also have a farmer nearby who delivers veggies at the door.
    Sparkling water with lime and lemon balm sounds delicious, by the way!

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  4. the heirloom tomatoes seem a bit weird to me I am used to more blood red looking ones hahaha but yeah other wise everything else looks as I would dream fresh vegetables to be like

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  5. Hi TK,

    Another great, hunger stirring post. I also noted that you are abandoning (my word) Twitter. I get this. I tried it once many years ago and found it to be a huge waste of time. I decided that things I wanted to say or read about just don’t fit into their little rant format. I’ve not touched it for years now.

    BTW: if you are a Sci-Fi fan at all, consider yourself invited to spend an hour with my new story, ‘Defending Canopy Station’, I spent my weekend finishing it and it’s a David v Goliath, space battle, speed of light and kinetic energy based nerd fest. It’s different than my normal stories but I really like how it came out.


    Have a great week.

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      1. Hi again TK, After the past year and our horrible 3rd world quality elections, I’ve become very rant-adverse. Americans are all so angry, polarized and being lied to that I almost can’t bear listening to what passes for news here. It’s worse than I’ve ever seen it and I used to be a news junkie, trying to stay up on things so I could be informed – but now the amount of junk in our media has overwhelmed me and I can’t sort what is or is not true without becoming bitter and angry myself. That is not how I want to live my life.
        Thank you for reading my writing, any that you do read. I’ll try to stay positive and deserve your time and attention.


        1. I think there is a lot of anger out there in the world, even here. Divisions over vaccines for example causing all sorts of issues. I’ve started to read the piece you linked me too – good stuff!


        2. Hi TK. All this anger is not a good thing. How often have you noted that barely informed people are heard loud and clear while those with more thoughtful and informed opinions are all but silent or worse, silenced ?
          Ugh – it all must makes me crabby.
          But thank you for checking out my story. Of course I hope you love it, but you’ve already paid me a huge compliment by reading it and I’m so grateful for getting some of your time.

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  6. Those tomatoes are gorgeous. I’ve done a few food box deliveries and always love the fun options I get. Trying things I. might not usually try. As always, I enjoy your posts. Have a great rest of the week.

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