This week’s small pleasures #254

Another week, another rise in Covid cases, but also a rise in those getting vaccinated, which at least is a positive note. I guess New Zealand now has to move on like Singapore and Australia and acknowledge that the elimination strategy is no longer going to work, but we’ll see what happens in the next few weeks. But this post is about small pleasures, and there were several this week, including seeing the ducklings again in the Botanic Gardens, this time snuggled up close in a tumble of feathers and beaks. I saw a video of my one year old great-nephew walking and laughing, finished a good book and enjoyed dinner with friends.

There was some lovely weather – glorious spring sunshine and even warm enough to sit outside and read. The pictures below were taken as I walked up Cuba Street on Saturday on the way to Noble Rot Wine Bar for a wine tasting even which I wrote about on Sunday. You can see the rainbow pedestrian crossing, the blue skies and the famous Bucket Fountain.

We had bread delivered on Saturday from Arobake, with croissants for Sunday breakfast, and bread and rolls for during the week. In the shopping basket was this delightful looking broccoflower, some still expensive tomatoes (but I was just longing for some), oranges, asparagus, two types of mushrooms and feta with mint. The lemons came from a colleague’s garden.

Finally, something to make us all smile, Bohemian Catsody. Karl and Charlie are both enjoying it at any rate! Do take a look at this feline version of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

What were your small pleasures? Here are some other blog posts from fellow bloggers looking at the good things in life.

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  1. Those ducklings look very cute, at first I though they were rocks! I’m sure you’ll be making something delicious with all those lovely ingredients. I must say, seeing Karl and Charlie looking at Bohemian Catsody did make me smile!

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  2. What a pleasure to see those ducklings! Your photographs indicate some peaceful sunshine – it is warmer here too – and delicious food. Thank you for mentioning my clouds. We are still waiting for rain … meanwhile the trees are greener and several of the flowering varieties are in bloom. Nature does not wait.

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  3. I’ll echo the others. Those duckling are utterly adorable. Also got a real kick out of how intent Charlie looks as he watches Bohemian Catsody. His posture suggests, “Wait, what? Cats?” Fun video, too. Thanks for sharing. As always, thanks for the mention.

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  4. It is almost lunchtime where I am and that bread and those veggies are making me soooo hungry. I loved Bohemian Catsody.

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  5. I really like the rainbow on the road, it’s very eye catching. We are expecting the cases to rise and some to pop up in Northland here, it’s a worry.

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  6. The ducklings are so adorable … once I decoded the image!
    Love the look of those croissants – now I gotta go get me some.
    Keep safe and well: we are also trying to keep sane amidst rising numbers … I keep telling myself we have to trust the strategy, but I stay mostly home just to be safe.

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