This week’s small pleasures #252

I’m not sure where the week has gone. It is Monday evening here again, and time for another round up of the week’s small pleasures. I’ve enjoyed Pilates, having pizza delivered, spending time at home watching the rain falling (and knowing I didn’t have to go out…) and walking through the tulips in the Botanic Gardens (check my last post). We watched a couple of old films – Witness for the Prosecution with Marlene Dietrich on Friday and To Catch a Thief with Cary Grant and Grace Kelly on Saturday after dinner – which were just so much fun. We also celebrated our wedding anniversary on Saturday (more about that coming on Wednesday).

Naturally, we enjoyed lots of good food this week. There was Puy lentil and mushroom soup on Wednesday followed by an apple and tamarillo crumble, served piping hot and topped with ice-cream (and don’t tamarillo look lovely when cut open?). There was cream cheese, smoked salmon and leftover asparagus for one breakfast, and cream cheese with boysenberry, apple and rosemary jam for another. I made a batch of quick pickled red onion, and ate boiled eggs for Saturday breakfast.

In the basket this week, there was red cabbage, part of which I think I will make into a slaw with apples and carrots, more asparagus, some lovely curly kale and broccoli, mushrooms, shallots and, of course, some good bread for our Sunday breakfast. I made a boeuf bourguignon for Sunday dinner, and served it with a potato gratin, the kale and carrots. Left overs tonight.

What were your small pleasures? Here are some other blog posts from fellow bloggers looking at the good things in life.

  • Do check out Carol Ann of Fashioned for Joy and the finger Bibles and other delights of her week.
  • Ju Lyn at Touring my Backyard goes to the wonderful Asian Civilisations Museum and eats ice-cream.
  • Deb is enjoying spring – those of us in the Southern Hemisphere are at least enjoying the season.
  • Natalie the Explorer goes to Ward’s Island, Toronto (and hosts the weekend coffee share which I missed this week).
  • One of my favourite bloggers is Anne over at  Something Over Tea – do check out her recent posts.
  • Sanch Writes shares her weekly gratitude.
  • Jo at And Anyway eats, exercises and quotes from a study at an institution I used to work at (Glasgow Caledonian University).
  • Trent’s World invites us to coffee.
  • Little Pieces of Me shares what she is grateful for on Friday.
  • Love it where bloggers connect….see Laurie over at Notes from the Hinterland‘s latest post.

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  1. I was hooked by your header photograph of a cup of tea and a delicate looking biscuit – surely a regular pleasure in life! Jo is right about your potato gratin looking scrumptious. I enjoy the links you provide to other blogs – and thank you for pointing to mine.

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  2. Happy Anniversary… your food looks delicious as always, and the your potato gratin looks wonderful!
    I recently watched a documentary on Cary Grant, and there was a short piece on him acting with Grace Kelly, both looking gorgeous. So I must look out for To Catch A Thief.

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  3. Anatomy of a Murder is on my list of movies to watch, along with All About Eve. Jeremiah and I will add To Catch a Thief to our Cary Grant watch party. (I don’t think he’s seen it — he’s in for a treat.) I also see you are reading Ann Patchett. She’s on my list too… Another wonderful post! And thanks for the link to my blog and to the others. I enjoy them.

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    1. Oops! Witness for the Prosecution! Jimmy Stewart is on my mind — that’s the only explanation I have for misremembering the film you mentioned (and the fact that they’re both excellent courtroom dramas). I’ll add that to my list too!

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  4. Love the really old movies, have you seen Arsenic & old lace, Cary grant is hilarious as usual.
    Congrates on your wedding anniversary. The tamarillo would make really pretty stamps on plain paper for present wrapping, sorry can’t help myself, lol. Beautiful yummy food.

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  5. So much deliciousness in one post – that gratin had me drooling. And I was today old when I learned what a tamarillo was! Hope you had a wonderful anniversary!

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