From the kitchen: dropped scones

It was Saturday afternoon, and we decided that a little something was needed to accompany our cup of tea and reading. I immediately thought of something I hadn’t made for years and that is the dropped scone. I believe they are known as dropped scones because….wait for it…you drop the mixture onto a hot griddle to make them.

These are really quick to make, so perfect if you want a sweet treat one afternoon. This quantity makes the right amount for two greedy people, or three not so greedy. Recipe from the Be-Ro recipe book, 38th edition.

Well-grease of baking griddle or heavy frying pan (which is what I used). Heat until a drop of water sprinkled on the surface skips about in little bubbles or balls. Mix 100g self-raising flour with a pinch of salt and 50g caster (fine) sugar. Add one egg, and gradually beat in about 60ml of milk to make a thick batter. Bake 2 or 3 at a time by dropping spoonfuls of the mixture onto the griddle of frying pan. Cook each side of the scone until brown – about three minutes.

I like them still slightly warm with jam, you might prefer them like my husband, just buttered.

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  1. I’ve just been reading about the differences between pancakes, dropped scones, flapjacks and crumpets! I agree with you on the pancakes … in South Africa we tend to call dropped scones either crumpets or flapjacks. Either way, yours look delicious. I prefer mine with butter only – or a drop of golden syrup.

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      1. I think pikelets are like thin crumpets with yeast as the rising agent not baking powder. Also they are not as rich using milk but not eggs in the batter. Dropped scones are much nicer – they are also known as Scotch pancakes.

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  2. I have several Bero Books – many different editions. However their latest one, which is trying to look trendy I do not like at all – old favourites not in, altered recipes and have tried some of the new ones and not been pleased with the results.

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    1. I have the 34th one from 1974 which is one I used when I was first baking and go back to all the time, though the measurements are in ounces rather than grammes. The 38th edition is a bit more modern, but I still like the old one better – maybe because I am more familiar with it! We had one from the 1960s at home when I was growing up.


  3. These look delicious! Never heard of dropped scones…they would be perfect when you need something scone-like in a hurry…for a “scone emergency”, if there is such a thing 😉 (there could be, at my house 😁).


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  4. It has been ages since I have had dropped scones. Yours look so delicious. I am one of these embarrassing people who drown mine in butter, jam & cream all at once. Which is probably why I haven’t done them for a while. haha

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  5. Oh my goodness! these look so delicious! And I like that they are cooked on a griddle – the kitchen stays cool! I am definitely going to try them!

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