From the kitchen: seeded apple bread

It was a rather wet Wednesday afternoon today, so my instinct was to turn to the kitchen. I had been browsing cookbooks over the weekend, one of which was Lagom by Steffi Knowles-Dellner. I bought this a while back, but had only ever made the grapefruit and pink peppercorn curd from it, despite there being quite a few good looking ideas. So still trying to use up those Granny Smith apples, and looking for something good for a rainy day, I made this Seeded Apple Bread. More of a fruitbread than a cake, it is full of apple, hazelnuts and seeds, so you could almost say it is good for you…

The base of the cake is wholemeal flour and oats, with Greek yoghurt providing the fat and honey as a sweetener. Fresh thyme is added for flavour, and the top sprinkled with seeds (I used pumpkin, sunflower and sesame). The pictures below are of before the oven and after it came out. I have a fan assisted oven, and found the suggested cooking time was a it too long, and removed the cake almost 15 minutes earlier. As always with these things, you have to know your own oven!

Once cool, I sliced off a good piece to have with my afternoon cup of tea. It is a dense but moist loaf, and should be served spread with butter before eating.

Verdict – a good loaf for a reasonably healthy snack, and tomorrow I will definitely try it toasted for breakfast as suggested, probably slathered in cream cheese. However, it did lack a little something, perhaps a little cinnamon or maybe a few raisins next time. Make again? Yes, with a couple of adaptations.

Recipe from Lagom: the Swedish art of eating harmoniously by Steffi Knowles-Dellner and you can also find the recipe here.

Entered into The Weekend Coffee Share hosted by Natalie.

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  1. What a wonderful Wednesday thing to do. I love foods like this they just seem more sustaining. Have you tried adding a flavour to your butter sometimes I find it works & sometimes not. lol. Love your wooden spreading knife.

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  2. Hi T&K – this recipe sounds sooo good, but how could you even suggest it might not be “healthy”. If you include the deep satisfaction that comes with almost any similar recipe – it can’t help but heal whatever ails you.

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