Words on Wednesday: spring has sprung

It is the first of September, the start of spring. A season to clear the cobwebs away, make plans and embrace the new. Most of New Zealand, except Auckland and Northland, moved into Level 3 lockdown (known as ‘Level 4 with takeaway’). Half the population has now had one or more doses of vaccine. The sun shone, and I became very much aware of spots I didn’t dust properly at the weekend…sure you know what I mean…..

There are daffodils in the Botanic Gardens (above), daffodils outside our front door (below and the featured image). Wednesday is my non-work day, and it was lovely to take an online morning Pilates class, sit and read in the sun and spend some time in the kitchen (an apple and walnut loaf which tastes better than it looks and Capitol restaurant’s mushroom and Puy lentil soup from the Pandemic Pack cookbook).

So that is me this Wednesday, apart from to say that Charlie has been enjoying the first day of spring as well…

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  1. Oh, such lovely spring photos! Spring is so special when nature comes back to life. I’m glad to hear you’re moving forward with vaccinations over there.

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  2. The sun is shining brightly on our first day of spring, yet the icy grip of winter is still evident in the slight breeze wafting through the garden. The daffodils are looking beautiful where you are!

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  3. First day of September means fall is coming for us. Spring is such a glorious time and those daffodils are magnificent. Enjoy your spring! Hope the Covid numbers have started falling. In Maine, they are still going up. Sigh.

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  4. When I think of the current lockdown in Auckland region – and then look out my windows and see the glorious sunshine, birds chirping and the odd cat roaming down the driveway – I see hope,..that nature still continues on.

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