There is always time for cake…

I do enjoy my Wednesdays. The mid week blues are banished as I don’t work on this day. Some Wednesdays are productive, some are less so. Today I visited the chiropractor and vegetable market, made soup for dinner and lunches for Thursday and Friday, tidied part of a kitchen cupboard (and made a list of storage containers I need and wished for more space), did some ironing, read and pottered in the garden. I also made a cake.

Last week, I was reminded through Sophie Hansen’s (of Local is Lovely) 5 things to be cheerful about newsletter of a cake from her most recent book, In Good Company. The hummingbird loaf cake looked very simple to make and also rather good to eat. The cake is made from wholemeal flour, pineapple, grated carrot, walnuts and spices – so you see what I mean by it sounding good (and also a little healthy?).

The cake came out of the oven looking really good, and once cooled, I transferred it to this gorgeous plate from Bonnie and Neil. I’ve had the plate for a while, and love to get it out for the results of baking.

The cake is lovely and soft, very moist as you can imagine, and excellent with a cup of Earl Grey tea. I think next time I make it (and there will be a next time…it is so quick and easy to make) I might add a little orange zest or even a few sultanas.

Believe it or not, after bitterly cold days on Sunday and Monday, it was actually warm enough to take a slice outside with tea and a book. Now that was such a joy – and small pleasure!

Check out a video of Sophie Hansen making the cake here.

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  1. Sounds really GREAT. I had to laugh when you said it had been bitterly cold on Sunday and Monday. It was in the 90’s here (in Fahrenheit). We are upsidedown from one another. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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        1. I don’t think it ever gets that cold here – I maybe wear gloves a dozen times in the season? At least, it doesn’t feel so bad for me moving down here from Northern Europe! Locals find it much colder 🙂 There are parts of NZ that get snow of course – in the mountains and in the south, but we don’t here in Wellington. August temperatures are between 7 and 13 C on average (but Wednesday was definitely warmer than that!).

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