Friday catch up: July’s reading

It is the end of the month, and time for a little round up of what I have been reading. As usual, it was quite a varied mix, with some things to recommend. First up is Jane Harper’s latest book, The Survivors which I borrowed from a colleague at work so no picture. The book has a great sense of place, just like her other books, with this one set in Tasmania. Kieran Elliott and his girlfriend, Mia, return to their hometown, Evelyn Bay, to help Kieran’s mother pack as his father is moving to long term dementia residence. Twelve years ago, Evelyn Bay was the site of a sudden devastating storm that caused the death of Kieran’s brother among others. Old ghosts surface, and after a body is found on the beach, tensions rise. It is a great read and hard to put down – recommended, though still think The Lost Man and The Dry are her best.

Next up, another crime novel, Donna Leon’s most recent book, Transient Desires. I have been a big fan of her books with charming policeman, Commissario Brunetti. This is book number thirty, and I have to say I think the books are getting.a little stale: the last two or three haven’t quite been up to the usual standard.

Something very different in all ways is Susanna Gendall’s The Disinvent Movement, a short history of the Disinvent Movement as told by its creator as “she looks back on her life in New Zealand, France, Switzerland and other countries”. A curious little work, amusing and poignant, it tells the tale of The Disinvent Movement which aims to disinvent every day objects, one at a time. At times, it felt like I was reading poetry, and Gendall is indeed a poet. Interesting book!

We had watched The Dig on Netflix and really enjoyed it, so I decided to read the book it was based on by John Preston. It is a fictional account of the discovery of the treasure at Sutton Hoo and the characters involved. A great book for a wet weekend whether you have seen the film or not.

Finally, there was Jerome K Jerome’s The Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow, a collection of essays first published in 1879, a copy of which I picked up at a second hand bookshop. Each chapter is on a different topic, ranging from the weather to cats and dogs. It is very much of its time, but still amusing. Charlie approved of the title and the content as you can see.

This month I picked up this new cookbook by Zuza Zak Amber & Rye A Baltic Food Journey. It is really a book to read and savour, though I have already made one of her slaws. I’m looking forward to reading more. There was also Cuisine magazine with the theme of the land, and Frankie to encourage our creative side.

So that is a quick round up of reading in July. Have you read anything good recently?

Finally, a quick shout out to Deb over at Deb’s World who will be co-hosting a What’s On Your Bookshelf challenge from Friday 20 August. Check out more about it here. Sounds good!

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  1. Always enjoy seeing what other people are reading. I really liked the movie “The Dig” and need to put it on my TBR list. “The Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow” might be of its time, but what a great title.

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  2. I enjoyed the movie The Dig, the book sounds good. We love Donna Leon. Have you read Lily King? I’ve recently read Euphoria, which is loosely based on Margaret Mead’s early life, and Writers and Lovers. Both very good. Also I liked Dear Committee Members by Julie Schumacher, which is a satirical novel written as a collection of letters of recommendation.

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  3. I can recommend The Dig – gives a bit more detail than the film. I haven’t read Lily King or Julie Schumacher – I have a book token to spend so might see if I can find these in the bookshop here.

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  4. I loved watching The Dig too and might keep an eye out for the book! I agree with you on your comments on Jane Harper’s Survivors, I enjoyed the others a bit more but it was still a good read. Thanks for the mention of our What’s on your Bookshelf challenge coming up later this month, can’t wait to have you join us.

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