This week’s small pleasures #241

There are some weeks that are full of small pleasures, there are some where you have to look for them. This week was the latter. I kind of feel I want to avoid the news for a couple of days and to hunker down with trashy films, good books, pots of tea and good food. Well, I did manage to do just that on Sunday, keeping out of the winter weather and being cosy.

So to the small pleasures of last week. On Tuesday, I was treated to this stunning morning sky on the walk to work. The colours really were this bright, and although red skies in the morning are traditionally associated with bad weather, it really was a glorious sight.

Food always appears in my Small Pleasures posts as you know. There was lunch at Dixon Street Deli of avocado, tomato and halloumi on toast on Wednesday, and in Saturday’s shopping basket silverbeet, more dark red yams (oca), green beans (from Australia), celeriac and some smoked hoki. The hoki was to go into Diane Henry’s gratin of smoked fish, tomatoes and potatoes for Sunday dinner from her book From the Oven to the Table. This is so good and perfect comfort food for a winter day.

On Friday during my lunch time walk, I spotted these tango dancers outside the Buenos Aires Cafe. This was in celebration of Argentina’s national day, and really brightened up my grey Friday. It also reminded me of being in Buenos Aires on that day in 2000, and going to a dance performance in the evening. A real small pleasure.

Finally, walking to Pilates on Saturday morning, I stopped to admire the flowers on the Japanese magnolia, which are beginning to open up. Every year I take time to look at these gorgeous pink blooms – just stunning.

So those were my small pleasures this week – what were yours? As usual, I like to feature other bloggers who have made me smile, made me think or generally shared some interesting aspects of their lives.

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  1. The Japanese magnolia and the beautiful sunset would be lovely to see…and I must spent more time looking at some of the cookery books you recommend…always nice to try something new.

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  2. I hear you – some weeks are just more challenging than others. Which makes the small pleasures particularly precious! Thank you for sharing your highlights for the week!

    The tango performance must have been a surprise & delight – since it brought back good memories of your trip!

    And those pink magnolias – wow! Are they related to cherry blossoms in any way?

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  3. We tried fried Haloumi tonight with our home made burgers, strangely enough we couldn’t really taste them that much but it’s good to make things rather than buying them.

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  4. Love the food! I wish I had access to halloumi. And I appreciate the point you made about small pleasures – sometimes they are everywhere and on other times we just have to pay more attention to find them. Very true. My recent simple pleasure is this chocolate cake that is part truffle that my sister gave me. It was so delicious.

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  5. I love magnolia trees and mine is always a delight in September, I take way too many photos every year!! Your tango photos made me smile and reminded me of coming across a group in Paris, dancing for the love of it.

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