What’s on my plate? Spiced apple cake

Nothing is better than the small of baking filling the air on a winter’s day. With the excuse that it was my birthday weekend (not that one needs an excuse to bake a cake really), I decided to make one of my favourite cakes, a spiced apple cake. Over the years I have used a recipe from a Swedish newspaper that lies in a folder of recipes, well-splattered with cake batter. This time around I decided to change things a bit and try Ottolenghi’s take on this classic cake from his book Simple, which you can see below (or click on the link on The Guardian which is slightly different as the book uses self-raising flour).

The cake is simple to make, and has the addition of sour cream to make it moist and light and which apparently also encourages even baking. I used a mix of cinnamon and cardamon to top the apples. The cake came out of the oven looking exactly like the picture in the book, which I felt was an accomplishment in itself.

We enjoyed the cake as suggested just slightly warm, with some Earl Grey tea for a Sunday afternoon treat. It was very light and really full of flavour, and is definitely on my top 10 cakes to make (and eat of course). It was still good on day two, though slightly dry on day three (but still very good).

Thanks to Deb’s World for introducing me to the What’s on Your Plate challenge, hosted by Retirement Reflections and The Widow Badass Blog.

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  1. I love Apple Cake. I have posted, a long time ago, my Mama’s Polish apple cake and think this will always be my favourite. However I have printed out this recipe and will give it a try – in a few weeks time. It looks very good.

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  2. The smell of baking filling the air is Heaven! Your Spiced Apple Cake looks and smells delicious. Thank you so much for joiining us at What’s On Your Plate. I have added your link to the main body of this month’s post.

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  3. My friend made this very same cake just last weekend and it was so delicious!!! I’m happy to introduce you to Donna and Deb’s monthly challenge, thanks for joining in and linking to my post 🙂

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  4. You offer such beautiful photos and a very encouraging account of your baking day (for a non-baker like me). I appreciate the sour cream tip: I have some on hand. Maybe I’ll celebrate too! And, of course, I hope your birthday was divine and that your year is filled with blessings.

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  5. Yum! That is a good-looking apple cake!
    I especially like the image of you relaxing with a slice & a cup of Ear Grey … delightful way to spend an afternoon.

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