Six on Saturday 26.06.21

Oh what a miserable, grey and wet day it is here! Not a day to be out and gardening, or even taking photos for the blog. At least we heard there were no more community cases of Covid-19 after last week’s scare. Keep you fingers crossed for us that it stays like that! I missed last week as we were up in Auckland, but here I am again with some a rainy-day-in-winter non-gardening post. Anyway, thanks once again to The Propagator for allowing us to share what is going on in our gardens. Check out the participant guide if you want to join in.

So let’s look at this week’s six, starting with a picture of the weather! Sorry for the slight cheat with a picture of grey sky, but it really is too wet to go outside this afternoon.

At number two, rain soaked leaves from the bush covered with gorgeous bright red berries in front of the house and those from the large kawakawa bush (a New Zealand native plant) next to it. Pictures taken in haste…looking around I can see the echinacea coming to life after I cut it back at the end of the last season, random bulbs poking their heads above the soil, no flowers at all on the saffron croci, and the last few buds on the dahlia, which looks like it is finally coming to an end for this season.

The post should really be filled with pictures of stunning camellias, instead we have a rather gloomy picture taken at 9am on the way to Pilates, where you can just about see the white camellias coming into bloom, and the big pink blousy ones at the back. The blob of red is berries. You can also see the fatsia. The two blooms in the middle are from just outside the house (yes, today’s pictures come from the front door and covered area by the house). The last picture is of the large flowered bush taken from an upstairs window. Hopefully we will get some sun next week….

At number four, the tecomanthe speciosa or Three Kings Vine which is still flowering and I could see a few buds too. We have had a beautiful display this year.

So to indoors, there are a few flowers on the little cyclamen plant, and both the peperomia polybotrya and peperomia Burgundy delight continue to do well in our living room window which gets a good amount of sun (when it decides to shine that is).

Finally – mushrooms! Two weeks ago I reported I had received my first mushroom kit. Great success as you can see below, and I cooked and enjoyed the results. Let’s see if I get a second bloom.

That is it for me for now – hopes for the week are sunshine and a return to Level 1. As usual, I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s beautiful gardens in other parts of the world. Hope you are all well and enjoying your gardens in whatever the season is with you. 

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    1. I was very pleased with the mushrooms – better than I expected. Hmmmm….the Covid success is actually not a success…we have been community Covid free for months until last week, when someone came over from Australia.

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  1. Autumn weather apparently but I must tell you that here it isn’t very beautiful either at the moment. Fortunately, you show us some beautiful indoor plants and well done for the mushrooms: let’s eat now!

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  2. Peperomia! I rescued a plant with three tiny dried up leaves a year or so ago and it’s turned into the crinkly leaved Peperomia, like yours, with spikes of whiteish flowers (?) poking into the air. Now what to do with it???

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  3. Those mushrooms are quite spectacular! I would give them a wide berth if I saw them in the wild – I wish I knew the different types. Meanwhile, next week my nasturtiums will feature. Yippee! 🤹‍♀️😁🤸‍♀️

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  4. Well growing mushrooms is a first on here (I think). I used to have those same houseplants. Now I only have spider plants indoors – nowhere really to put other indoor plants – and a rather large weeping fig (Ficus benjamina) in the conservatory. As for the covid cases, I imagine that unless you keep your borders firmly closed you are always going to get new cases. And really how long does NZ and Australia intend to keep everyone locked in? I fear I may never see my son and his family again.

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    1. I had too many spider plants and put some outside. This house doesn’t have a whole lot of place to put indoor plants either.

      Covid – well until we get vaccinated, which is delayed again due to a shortage of vaccine, I can’t see things changing much. The Cook Islands are accessible, and the Trans Tasman Bubble keeps opening and then closing again. No-one here feels locked in as we can move about the country freely, and of course we can leave the country and then spend 2 weeks in managed isolation on return.

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    1. We will know today after cabinet meets, but meanwhile all flights between Australia and New Zealand have stopped again. I was just so pleased with those mushrooms! Even if I don’t get a second crop, I am happy.

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  5. My son lives on the central coast NSW everyone has just been put on 2week lockdown announced yesterday, the new covid strain has struck, there is no vaccine for it. I am so glad things didn’t escalate in that area for you all.
    Awesome photos hopefully the sun is shining for you. Awesome the mushrooms did so well for you. They look delicious.

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  6. I do love the mushroom kit, and fresh mushrooms are a treat. We used to enjoy the horse mushrooms on our plot of land years ago. As far as the Covid situation goes, it takes up to 2 weeks before it can appear. So much conflicting information, I tend to ignore many news items until it becomes more factual than guesswork. Yes, fingers crossed though I can’t see how we could possibly have no cases.

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  7. Gotta love Camellias, they are always flowering when nothing else is. Are you guys still in level 2 here? I haven’t seen any updates on the news.

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    1. Yes – the camellias are just lovely to have around. Level 2 for another 48 hours for us. Seems like they are wanting the results of some more tests before lifting restrictions. Pfff…..


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